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Sports. Is it possible for someone not to enjoy it? Even if you do not like to sweat (yes, maybe your P.E. classes have made you a traumatized person), I bet you like to watch and support your favorite team.

Here, at Cásper Líbero Campus, it is not different! Soccer, swimming, handball, rugby, tennis… Teams for (almost) all the sports you can even imagine, for girls and boys, who hanker all year for the Communications and Arts University Games (also known as JUCA). 

The best thing about it is that Cásper is all for one! Sports are taken seriously around here, and people have a real passion for the topic (not only athletes, but also the fans).

Three Casperian girls shared how big is their love for sports and their amazing trajectories. Get to know more from the Q&A bellow!


Lívia Martins, 20

College Major: Journalism

Casper’s Team: Soccer


When did you start to get involved with sports?

“I have always been an agitated person. My mother used to take me to ballet classes, but I never liked it. When I started capoeira that I got more involved with sports. I was still a little kid when I began to play soccer with my friends, just to have fun. On 4th grade, my Physical Education teacher told me I had potential. I have always been fast (I could have tried athletics), but I started to play soccer at my school.Some years later, I got the opportunity to play at Sport Club Corinthians. I played for the Club from my 1st year of high school to the beginning of my 2nd year, all because I had to conciliate school, English classes and practice 3 times a week. I used to study on the subway on my way to practice; I could not neglect any part. It was an amazing experience, but unfortunately, I could not put with it.On that time, I was about to choose what I wanted to be when I grow up. Besides that, I was “old”. I was 15 or 16 years old, wanted to be a professional soccer player in Brazil, a country that do not have any incentive. Moreover, the situation gets even worse when you are a girl. You have to start when you are 10, be a good player and start in big clubs to have visibility. If you start in small clubs, nobody will see you.From that time on, I started to see that soccer was a passion, a hobby. I decided to become a journalist and today I play soccer for Cásper.”

How did you know Cásper’s Feminine Soccer Team?

“When I started to look for Journalism’s colleges and found Cásper Líbero University, I discovered that Cásper not only had a feminine soccer team but also had a frame for the players. I thought it was nice! On my first year, I was already practicing.”

How important do you think the act of practicing exercises is in people’s life?

“As you can see from my story, sport is something that guides me. Separate some time or even a day to practice sports is a relief. Life is so stressing. I was 15 and had a lot of thing to care about. My friends were thinking about their parties and I was thinking about the championship that I was going to have in the next week, and it would not make me stressed. I think sports do that: when I was playing, I forgot everything. Of course that it is only going to happen when you like what you do, because when it turns into an obligation it gets boring. Besides that, I think that sports should be more encouraged, not only seen as alternative for people to become richer here in Brazil.”

You practice sports for some years. Which are the must-haves for your routine?

 “I always try to match headbands with uniforms. I have many white, red and black headbands! I like to use colorful accessories to make my uniform more ‘cool’. As for the products, I often use sunscreen.”


Janaina Kuwae, 19

College Major: Publicity & Advertisement

Casper’s Team: Handball


When did you start to get involved with sports?

“I practice sports since I was a little girl. When I started to study P&A at Cásper, last year, one of the first things I did was to search for the college’s teams. I always liked to play handball and loved the idea to play for the college. It is a different feeling of excitement!”

How important do you think the act of practicing exercises is in people’s life?

“I think practicing sports is a way of liberating your energy. Life is too heavy; it is a lot of stress on us all the time! When you practice exercise, you can relax!”

You practice sports for some years. Which are the must-haves for your routine?

 “I always have dry shampoo and deodorant in my bag. Besides that, because of my lens, I keep serum lens close for an emergency. It is and essential kit for games.” 


Juliana Yamaoka, 22

College Major: Journalism

Casper’s Team: Swimming


When did you start to get involved with sports?

"It all started in 2000, when I was 7 years old. I joined swimming classes in my old school, and never stopped since. I learned all different swimming styles and started to go to competitions between schools. When I was 13, I started to cross catchments areas and the sea. By the time I started high school I stopped to swim for two years, I had a busy daily routine and I was somewhat tired.During this period, I chose to practice another sport: handball. I even gave up on my graduation travel with my friends to play handball in Europe with a Brazilian company (that had a partnership with my school). It was an unforgettable travel.Generally speaking, my school always encouraged their students to practice sports. One of my favorite events was the School Olympic Games: it was a competition between the school’ classes that last two or three days. I loved it!"

How did you know Cásper’s Feminine Swimming Team?

"When I started my 2nd year of college (2014), I joined Cásper swimming team and started to compete again: it was the best thing that happened. I gained many friends and had amazing time with them."

How important do you think the act of practicing exercises is in people’s life?

"I am sure that the act of practicing sports only bring good things to our lives. I do not even have to mention the health issue. We worry about nourishment, our weight and think about the future. The fact that we are young does not make us not to think about it. I have in my mind a picture of a healthy life. Besides that, we have all the life lessons that sports bring along: team work, support your colleague in hard moments, transform challenges in achievements, and of course, overcoming, because after all everyone has their objectives to achieve. What I learned the most was discipline. To be at a certain place at the right time, to obey the rules and to improve my swimming with insistence and movement repetition."

You practice sports for some years. Which are the must-have for your routine?

"When you practice swimming, it makes all the difference to use materials during training. Kickboards to intensify your legs, hand paddles and pull buoys to correct your arm."


Get to know Casper’s Sports Teams better! You can be the next new athlete on our Campus!


Anna is a 21 year old from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who studies Journalism at Casper Libero University. She’s currently the Editor in Chief of Her Campus CL's Chapter and is pretty obsessed with fashion, beauty and (trashy) reality TV shows. 
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