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How Essential Oils Can Help With Your Anxiety

Have you heard about essential oils? What about its benefits?

Famous in the world of aromatherapy, essential oils are concentrated compounds extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves and other plants. With different forms of extraction, this natural liquid can be used for several functions, including improving your anxiety.

And how does it works?

Through inhalation, whether with the aid or not, and through contact with the skin, oils are absorbed into our bloodstream and metabolized by the body. As their components are rich and natural, these liquids have therapeutic properties and strengthen our mental, physical, emotional and energetic health.

Friend tip!: You can combine the oils with each other (up to three) and thus be able to activate several benefits.

Which one should I use?

Each essential oil performs a better function for each suitable. In case of anxiety, some oils are indicated, such as lavender and bergamot. Therefore, we have separated the three most effective options in combating tension.


One of the most popular essential oils, lavender oil is known to help anxiety and it’s still the easiest to find out there.

It is the main oil for those who need help to sleep as it reduces stress and improves the quality of sleep itself. With this reputation for relaxing, it is obvious that this oil should be on first place on our list.

Friend tip!: You can prepare home scent and let all environments relaxing.


There are countless benefits of vetiver’s oil extracted from a plant native to India, among them the relief of anxiety.

Vetiver removes toxins from the body, which improves well-being. It is ideal for people with nervous and mental tiredness.


Last but not least. Bergamot oil that was already aligned to improve mood and stress hormones, recently, it has also been proven that this oil has calming properties that help in reducing anxiety.

These are just a few examples of oils that can help you with anxiety. In general, oils do not have just one property, so there is a much bigger list for you to know! Keep in mind that it is possible to combine oils with each other and enhance several benefits at once.

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