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How to Deal with a Fast Paced Schedule in a Healthy Way

It's common hear people say that they don't have time for anything, or that time is flying. This type of speech is regularly spoken by young adults, especially those who have not finished their studies yet, need a physical exercise routine, have responsibilities with a job and still lead a hectic social and family life. These multiple tasks, when combined with disorganized habits, can lead to irresponsibility and loss of credibility, as well as serious disturbances that, over time, may compromise mental health by bringing an inferiority and disability complex when certain activity could not be completed.

There is one hint discovered many time ago, that is the key to solve this human social problem. It consists in start making routines and schedules to organize all the things you want to do during the gap of one week, and repeating it week by week with new projects for this period of time, trying to balance our twenty-four hours a day, with a good sleepy time, study, work, and leisure moments. To build these schedules notes is recommended the use of an appointment book, a calendar, post-its, and colorfull markers to highlight the activities you want, or have to accomplish. 

                                                                                             Use post-its to write your all tasks for the week.

Another tips that can help, bringing benefits to our routine and improving our health are some exercises and relaxing practices, like yoga, which can increase our level of concentration and control our focus. Also the eating habits we have, can stimulate our memory and provide energy for our body, as an example are dark green leaves, yogurts, seeds, grains, fruits that contain vitamin C. And even chocolate, in a dosed amount, because of its glucose, which can cause drowsiness and delay our commitments, affecting our mental health, which is not what we want, right? 

                                                                       Yogurts, fruits and grains will help you improve the memory of your brain

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed with all the deadlines, and compromises you have to get done, you should follow those hints above, taking easy with yourself, because an organized routine plus a healthy mind, takes time to be reached and if you don't do it in a gradative way, you will be tired faster, and will stop doing, and then, things might get worse than it were at the beggining of your attempt.

To end, I will share the secret of all this article, which is: to learn how to balance your time, not forgetting about your mental and physical health.


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