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Ayo Edebiri: get to know the actress that’s taking over Hollywood

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Hollywood has a new favorite actress: Ayo Edebiri, and she is making her way through acclaimed productions. The comedian has been all over the internet since she starred in the TV series The Bear, and a little time later, played a role in Bottoms, along with Rachel Sennott.

In the year 2023 alone, Ayo appeared in five feature films: the mockumentary Theater Camp, the indie drama The Sweet East, Bottoms, and the Oscar-nominated Spider-Man: Across The Spiderverse.

Actress, comedian, writer and more

The multi-platform artist started her career alongside her friend and NYU alum Rachel Sennott in 2020, with a Comedy Central web series that Edebiri co-wrote and starred in, called Ayo and Rachel Are Single. After that, she joined Netflix’s Big Mouth, which opened a lot of doors for future works, such as Dickinson, Abbott Elementary, Black Mirror, and more.

Ayo is exploring her cinema director persona in the next season of The Bear. She confirmed to British Vogue that we’ll be able to get to know a little bit more of her vision through one episode of the third season of the comedy-drama series.

A Normal Girl

Most of Ayo’s public personality was based on her relatability. Her fans and admirers love to listen to her jokes or interviews and see a little bit of themselves in her. In a recent interview with British Vogue, Ayo said that she used to love to take the bus when she traveled to London, given that in any other place that’s not doable without getting a lot of attention. Last year, The Bear was nominated for a BAFTA, and even though it didn’t win, Edebiri won every Best Actress she was nominated for.

Her friend and Bottoms co-star Kaia Gerber said to Vogue that the thing about Ayo is that she usually is the smartest person in the room, but “she never makes you feel like you’re not. Like, she’s so funny, but she’s also just so warm. She’s a very comforting person to have in your life”. 

To Backstage Magazine, the artist opened up about being insecure over her acting process, and how self-conscious she feels to talk about it. “That was just so encouraging to me – that these people, who I view [as operating] at such a high level, are still seeking. It’s not finished for them. They’re still pushing, and they still want to learn and grow”, she said about industry veterans.

Social Media Presence

Unlike any other major celebrity, Ayo started to bond with the public through her passion for movies, expressed in the form of Letterboxd film reviews. Her smart and funny takes caught the attention of a big part of the internet, which began to accompany not only her work on screen but her footsteps online.

On social media, the African-American actress became known for “being Irish”, a joke originating from her unique sense of humor. In an interview, she joked that she had starred in The Banshees of Inisherin as the stubborn donkey Jenny, and for that, lived in Ireland for about four months. After this, the joke kept going, and she even posted a “Happy St. Paddy’s” Instagram story sitting side-by-side with the – actual – Irish actor Paul Mescal.

Fans began to theorize that Edebiri and Mescal could be a part of the movie adaptation of Book Lovers, since both Emily Henry, the book author, and Yulin Kuang, the movie director, reposted the story.

In another Instagram post, the actress confirmed that she’ll be a part of a big project. Ayo will be the voice of one of Inside Out 2’s characters: Envy. The release of the Pixar animation is expected this June.

But while the world waits for Riley’s journey through teenage years, Edebiri is filming the third and fourth seasons of The Bear, alongside Jeremy Allen-White and the whole cast. She still has a lot to show the world and Hollywood isn’t letting her go so soon.


The article above was edited by Ludmila Costa.

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