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Maya Hawke Is Playing This Emotion In ‘Inside Out 2’ & It Totally Fits, TBH

Maya Hawke has been making a name for herself outside of Stranger Things with films like Asteroid City and Do Revenge. Now she’s branching out to a new role as a voice actor in Inside Out 2, as the anxiety character.

On Nov. 9, Disney released the trailer for the second Inside Out film which stars Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Amy Poehler, and Diane Lane among others. The movie follows the main character Riley through the beginning of her teenage years after her 13th birthday. Hawke has been open about her anxiety in the past, so it’s no surprise that she’ll be the perfect fit for this role. 

In Inside Out 2, Hawke will bring the awkward tween emotion we all experienced in middle school. Her character, Anxiety, will be taking a “wrecking ball” to Riley’s mind as she goes through puberty and the other emotions begin to clash with one another, IndieWire reported. 

“Anxiety, voiced by Maya Hawke, might be new to the crew, but she’s not really the type to take a back seat,” director Kelsey Mann told Entertainment Tonight. “That makes a lot of sense if you think about it in terms of what goes on inside all our minds.”

In the trailer, a literal wrecking ball comes in destroying the structure the other emotions have built, demonstrating that everything is changing after Riley’s 13th birthday. As the emotions stand together discussing the new changes, they discover the latest emotion, Anxiety. That’s all we really see of Hawke’s new orange character, and the trailer doesn’t give many details about Anxiety’s new role. 

The new movie is set to be released on June 14, 2024. There isn’t much information regarding the movie aside from the release date, and fans should expect details like ratings and ticket prices to be released in the future 

Fans have been quick to go to X/Twitter, to post their reactions in support of Hawke. 

I mean, they do look kind of similar.

We love an anxious, awkward queen who is voicing an anxious, awkward queen. 

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