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Bridgerton: Remember The Best Kathony Moments Before Season 3

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Ever since Bridgerton’s Season 2 dropped over two years ago with the most swoon-worthy ending to Kate and Anthony’s love story, fans knew that all they needed was more scenes from the couple in the upcoming seasons. 

Now that we are days away from the Season 3 release, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and remember our favorite Viscount and Viscountess’s best moments!


A couple’s first meeting is always iconic, and Kathony’s is no exception. Although taking a morning horse ride and finding yourself racing against a mysterious woman is an unusual first meeting for regency-era romance standards, it couldn’t be more fitting for both these characters.

From the bickering, light flirting, and Kate leaving Anthony speechless while not even telling him her name, we get to see very early in the season how similar these characters are.


The bee scene during the third episode is filled with tension. What starts as an argument between Kate wanting Anthony to end the courtship between him and her sister, Edwina, escalates to the Viscount having a full anxiety attack over Kate being stung by a bee, something he is deeply traumatized by, after losing his father the same way, a consequence of his allergy to bees. 

Kate is able to calm Anthony down, and when the tension and vulnerability start to feel unbearable, they almost share a kiss, which makes things even more complicated between the two.


In the fourth episode, the Bridgerton family hosts the “Hearts and Flowers” ball, in which Kate and Anthony share their first dance. Not only are both characters trying so hard to fight their feelings mutually, but also can’t seem to stay away from each other. 

During the dance, Anthony walks out midway through, and he and Kate find themselves in a similar position as the bee scene: in the middle of an argument about who vexes who the most, we almost see them kiss for the first time (if it wasn’t for Anthony’s sister, Daphne, interrupting them). 


Fast forward to the ending of episode five, after a disastrous dinner with Edwina’s grandparents, Anthony storms off determined to end his and Edwina’s engagement. 

Kate, on the other hand, wants to ensure that her sister and mother won’t have their reputations ruined, so she tries to reason with him in hopes of changing his mind.

What starts as a heated argument quickly escalates to a scandalous moment between the two, where both finally admit their attraction to each other, and how insanely inconvenient and maddening it is for both of them. 

This scene is iconic within the fandom over Anthony’s unforgettable speech, in which he calls Kate “The bane of my existence, and the object of all my desires”, which sent all fans into a breakdown (and not to mention, ANOTHER almost first kiss).


Episode six is a rollercoaster of emotions. From Anthony agreeing to maintain his engagement to Edwina, to the bride herself running from the altar after figuring out that her (now former) groom fancies her sister, it’s all very chaotic. 

Both protagonists go through it in this episode, but at the end when everything seems hopeless, and they start to realize that they might have ruined their families’ reputations and will never see each other again, they decide to be selfish for just one moment and finally give in to their emotions and kiss.

The scene is shot beautifully at the church altar, all while the rendition of Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” plays in the background making the scene even more emotional.


The seventh episode in the season spends a good chunk following the Bridgerton and Sharma families trying to move on from the scandal that has stained their names, while also trying to keep Kate and Anthony away from causing any more frenzy. 

After a bad attempt by the families to host a ball (where no one showed up), our protagonists find themselves at their limits. They have officially failed their respective loved ones, their names might be ruined in the eyes of society for good, and they just realized they spent the entire season denying their feelings at others’ expense. 

After meeting each other in the gazebo, they finally snap and decide to do something for themselves for once, spending the night together. 

This sequence includes other showstopping confessions from Anthony, such as “It is maddening, how much you consume my very being”, and just like the kiss scene, the sequence is shot beautifully, with a rendition of Calvin Harris’s “How Deep Is Your Love” as the soundtrack that makes it feel even more intimate. 


During the eighth and final episode, Kate and Anthony find themselves at what could possibly be the last time they see each other, at the ball hosted by the Featheringtons

They decide to share a dance one last time, and to the sound of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”, their extremely emotional dance sequence literally stops everyone in the room, because they just can’t help themselves but stare at these two people in love. 

After that, they meet in the garden, where Anthony finally decides to confess his love to Kate as a final attempt to find out if his feelings are reciprocal and to get Kate to stay with him. (Spoiler alert: the feeling was very much mutual).

The entire love confession scene, from the iconic “I know I am imperfect, but I will humble myself before you because I cannot imagine my life without you” said by Anthony Bridgerton himself, to the fireworks that go off in the background during the scene, it’s the best way to wrap up the season.


Considering that Season 3 will focus most of its screen time on Penelope and Colin’s love story, we can expect to be fed crumbs about Kate and Anthony’s blissful married life, and after so much drama surrounding them in Season 2, it might just be everything that we need!

The article above was edited by Larissa Buzon.

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