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#7 Things To Keep In Mind When Decorating An Ambience

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

We’ve all been there: we want to decorate an ambience, but we have no clue where to start. Sometimes, we even know some things – we want to use blue, or incorporate a specific piece of decoration –, but they aren’t enough to get us started. What shades to use? What to put on the walls? How to give it personal touches, but not make it visually polluted?

We talked to the interior designer Beatriz Zaratin (@beatrizzaratin.arq). She shared with HC seven precious tips to help you decorate a space, whether you’re starting from scratch or just making some changes.

Less Is More

You’ve probably heard this expression created by the modernist architect Mies van der Rohe decades ago. It is still very accurate and largely utilized nowadays by interior designers. “Not only minimalism brings elegance and sophistication for a space, but it also makes the ambience more practical to use”, says Beatriz. Keep what is both useful and beautiful, and get rid of objects that only occupy space. If you want help, here’s how to detach from things you no longer use.

Light Shades

“Choose light shades in order to create a feeling of amplitude and tranquility”, advises Beatriz. “They don’t ‘argue’ with decorative pieces such as paintings and plants”.

This is a great trick to make your space feel bigger and more pleasant to the eyes. Also, light shades are usually easier to match with other items. You may choose neutral colors, like off-white, nude or light grey, but also light shades of pink, blue, green…


Mirrors are great options to decorate walls, they make the space feel bigger by reflecting the light. “In different sizes, shapes and finishing, they can be utilized from bathrooms to dining rooms. In these last ones, however, avoid putting them in front of who is sitting at the table”, says Beatriz.

Placing mirrors in front of a window will reflect the light beautifully. Also, a nice frame can make it match your style.


“Pictures are great to reflect the personality of the residents in a subtle, stylish way. Choose a set of pictures, with different shapes and sizes – remember always to let the center of the composition at the height of the eyes (approximately 1.60 m) for a better visualization”. If you prefer, you may place the pictures on a table by the wall. You can choose paintings, drawings or photographs – whatever matches your personality!


Lighting should match the purpose of the ambience. For example, if it is a home office, light should be abundant and focused on the work area. In a bedroom, on the other hand, it needs to be more gentle – indirect light, such as table lamps, are a great option.

“One of the most important aspects of decoration, lighting helps on the composition of each scenario of an ambience, offering functionality to the place or highlighting a decorative object”, explains Beatriz. “By using different lamps in one ambience it is possible to create different scenarios according to the dweller’s wishes. A pending or a floor lamp close to an armchair, for example, creates an ambience very pleasant for reading”.

Plants And Flowers

“Using plants in decoration makes the ambiences cozier and with a more human touch. Contact with nature is fundamental to keep a distance from the urban. Plants and flowers bring more tranquility to the homes and make them more beautiful and colorful”. You can plant a small garden in your kitchen or laundry room, or even create the habit of buying fresh flowers every week.

If you’re buying natural plants, make sure they are fit to the quantity of light and fresh air available in the ambience. You can also choose artificial plants if you are not much of a gardener – cactus and succulents are also another nice option.

Aesthetic And Functionality

When making choices, always consider practicality and beauty – don’t sacrifice one over another! “The main point is managing to balance aesthetic and functionality. Aesthetic is very important in decoration, but there’s no point in having a beautiful ambience if it is not functional to the dweller”. It is fundamental that your ambience suits you, but it also needs to be pleasant to the eyes – that’s even a form of self-care.

Hopefully, these tips will help you when you decide to decorate a room or even your entire house or apartment. It is also important to remember that a professional, such as an interior designer, may help you if you have no experience with decor or are not feeling comfortable doing it by yourself.


The article above was edited by Laura Enchioglo.

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