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7 Must-Watch Video Essays For Women In Their 20s

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Have you ever seen a topic and thought: “I could talk about this for hours”? That’s what video essays are for! This new type of long length videos has been growing in popularity for the last few years.

These type of content is basically a deep dive into a topic that interests certain community. So, if you want to get to know more of this world (or if you are simply in need for some recommendations), here are some of our favorites to get you started!

if you’re in need of some reflection

1. ‘the desire to be sad: “tragically beautiful” art & romanticizing mental illness’ by OLISUNVIA

Lana Del Rey once said “I’m Pretty When I Cry” and, for some reason, we ran with it. In this video, oliSUNvia explores the world within sadness. Some people look at this feeling and naturally try to stay away from it. But, strangely, others desire it.

Why, though? Here, the YouTuber tries to answer for what reason some find sadness and even mental illnesses beautiful. Along side it, she also tries to understand the impacts of sad art and media in those who yearn the feeling. 

2. ‘”CONFIDENCE” is a cult’ by Mina Le

“Don’t worry, be happy.” “Just do it.” “Love yourself.” “Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss.” Wait, what’s even the point of all of this? Selling an idea of confidence is easy when you forget about the life problems within today’s world – and that’s what Mina Le explores throughout this video.

Never feeling that you’re enough is common when you are young, even though some say that what’s missing is just confidence. Here, she explores this concept as one that has been rewarding before but that is not a solution. Thus is why she brings up the idea of confidence as a cult. 

3. ‘is tiktok ruining reading? & the desire to be a reader’ by THE BOOK LEO

The Book Leo is for the reading girlies or, even, the theoretically reading girls. We all know this is a hard habit to keep track of and even some criticize others for trying to be a reader rather than reading.

In this video essay, the YouTuber highlights both the good and the bad that comes with BookTok, as well as she tries to understand what it means to be a reader as an identity. Another idea she looks into is how reading as an aesthetic is truly not a problem at the end of the day.

4. ‘Life doesn’t end in your 20’s: the myth of teenage dream’ by SHANSPEAR

One day we are all 16 years old listening to Ribs by Lorde in our bedrooms in the middle of the night, except we are actually 20 and still yearn for the life we never had. In a heavily poetic way, Shanspear introduces the topic by going way back in time, questioning the reason of why medieval paintings perceive babies to like ugly old men.

You may think it’s a reach initially, but she follows up just fine by exploring the concept of childhood in a very interesting way. The YouTuber also looks into the promises that the media creates by having teenage invincibility and therefore making kids desire to be older.

5. ‘are fandoms ruining your mental health?’ by NICOLE RAFIEE

So, what topic were you obsessed with? Were you a Believer, Directioner, Swiftie or, maybe, not like the other girls and were an emo? It doesn’t really matter, at the end of the day, you surely were or have been a part of a certain community, but at what limit?

That’s what Nicole Rafiee goes on about here. In the ‘are fandoms ruining your mental health‘ video essay, she is able to compare studies about parasocial relationships and the idea of fandoms to her own experience, therefore making the video quite personal.

Often, when talking about fandoms, people go straight to a negative view, so having her talk about it in the way she does is way more interesting. The content creator explores the rooted misogyny in the topic of hobbies, how boys are expected to have a favorite team and be all in for them, but when a girl has the littlest interest in something, she is an attention seeker. 

if you’re in need of: fun and confort!

6. The recap series by Mike’s mic

Young Adult series were a huge thing some years ago and you surely have watched at least one of them. Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Gossip Girl and Lost are the recaps that Mike’s Mic has done so far.

In these videos, he literally rewatches all of these TV shows episodes and does a deepdive into the content we youngly watched – which, sometimes, have some questionable aspects.

And that’s not all! The influencer also explores a bunch more of the entertainment topics. If you are feeling down and/or just want to waste a bit of space in your brain, you are in the right place

7. Broski Report 

A warm hug from the big sister we all dreamed of. She makes us laugh and cry within five minutes! Brittany Broski is known by some people as the ‘kombucha girl’ after a viral TikTok. Nowadays, she has grown into having a YouTube channel and a podcast.

She’s an amazing person capable of being vulnerable in an understanding way – you surely won’t feel alone in the rollercoaster that is our human thoughts! Brittany’s podcast are a must to burn some neurons and reflect about life. In a very nice way, she is able to have a balanced episode every single time. 


The article above was edited by Clara Rocha.

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