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Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
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My Ultimate Fall TV Must-Watch List

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

I have a lot of time in front of the TV ahead of me this fall season and I know I’ll love every minute of it. There’s absolutely no going wrong with these classic fall must-sees:

Gilmore Girls (2000-2007):

Gilmore Girls is undeniably at the top of so many people’s fall watch lists. Set in a small storybook town in Connecticut, Gilmore Girls follows Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory, as they navigate day-to-day life. It’s a town of eccentric characters, small-town traditions, and the show can make any time of year feel like the perfect fall season. Lorelai runs a small bed and breakfast while working hard to ensure Rory gets the best out of her youth, including her education. Lorelai, having had Rory at age 16, left the life of debutante balls and trust funds to raise her daughter in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. In the series, Lorelai reconnects with her parents to send Rory, her 16-year-old daughter with a stellar academic record, to a prestigious preparatory school. Will this rekindling of the family relationship work out? Will Rory fit in at Chilton Preparatory School? There are so many questions to be answered in this beautiful feel-good show. Gilmore Girls is a fall must-see, a family feel-good show with the perfect fall vibes.

Gilmore Girls Season 1 Trailer
American horror story: Coven (2013-2014):

The third season of the American Horror Story anthology series, Coven, is the perfect combination of aesthetic visuals and campiness to get you in the Halloween spirit. The season follows a coven of witches, descended from Salem, as they navigate their powers and explore their talents in 2013 New Orleans. After hundreds of years, attacks on witches have forced these spiritually “gifted” girls to attend a special school of witchcraft for their own safety. This season is campy, thrilling, cinematic, and the perfect fall watch for those trying to celebrate Halloween all season long.

American Horror Story: Coven: Trailer
Scream Queens (2015-2016):

Looking for a perfectly campy, satirical slasher series? Scream Queens is a great satirical black comedy following members of the once-esteemed Kappa House sorority as they are targeted by a masked killer on campus. This campy whodunit brings you into a satirical depiction of sorority life and takes comedic twists with slasher classics. Tune into Ryan Murphy’s comedic homage to slashers and hilarious critique of sorority life.

Scream Queens Official Trailer

This show is just as nostalgic as Gilmore Girls for me, invoking a great sense of comfort through its perfect blend of drama and comedy. Within the series, a group of sisters discover that they’re witches and band together to fight the evil forces that arise in San Francisco. These seemingly average women navigate their newfound powers along with their careers, love lives, and friendships. The Charmed Ones work tirelessly to keep their city safe and discover more about themselves and their abilities.

Charmed Season 1 Trailer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003):

Buffy Summers is the average American teenage girl, worried about crushes, outfits, and homework. Not to mention slaying vampires. She is the chosen one, the Slayer, destined to seek out and destroy the forces of darkness. Buffy The Vampire Slayer does a fantastic job balancing serious themes with comedic undertones. The entire show has the ideal fall color palette, topped with adorable 90s outfits and fantastically creepy villains of the week. Follow Buffy and her friends as they fight monsters and save the world time and time again, while somehow looking flawless.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Trailer
The Six Files (1993-2018):

The X-Files is one of my favorite shows of all time, fall or not. But it really does help me get in the Halloween spirit when the time comes. The episodes range anywhere from aliens, murder, vampires, ghosts, and government coverups. It’s a great fall watch, if not essentially the Criminal Minds of the supernatural. The show follows two FBI Agents, Fox Mulder, an adamant conspiracy theorist, and Dana Scully, a self-declared realist, as they try to unearth the seedy underbelly of the supernatural world and the government coverups that go along with it.

The X-Files Season 1 Trailer
The Twilight Zone (1959-1964):

A perfect retro classic, The Twilight Zone is an American Anthology horror series highlighting the supernatural. Similar to the x-files, it explores the possibility of an ever-present supernatural world, one we don’t see or hear about. This show is a classic for a reason, landing it a permanent spot on my fall watch list.

The Twilight Zone Trailer

Those are my go-to shows to curl up to and watch during the fall season, what are yours?

Krizia is a fourth-year student at UCF Majoring in Human Communications and Minoring in Psychology. She is passionate about writing, fashion, art, music, etc. She hopes to pursue a career in marketing and communications by garnering unique experiences such as this one.