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6 unforgettable proposals from our favorite series

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Hopeless romantic or not, we all get emotive when it comes to marriage proposals in TV shows. Who has never cried over a delicate and beautiful scene between your favorite characters? To warm your heart, Her Campus selected the best of the best proposals from 6 different series. Check it out!

Monica and Chandler, “Friends”

In season 6, episodes 24 and 25, Monica, after a meeting with her ex-boyfriend and being told that Chandler is not ready to marry, decides to make the proposal herself – which is not very common even now on TV, imagine back in the 00s. 

She, beautifully and perfectly, decorates her apartment with candles and gets ready to declare her love for him. However, as soon as Chandler gets in her place and hears her love affirmations, he is the one who officially asks her hand.

Both the scenery and the writing of the scene are wonderful and classy – so, it is not a surprise when you find out that the episode was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series category. 

Amy and Jake, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Following the 99’s Halloween tradition, a super competitive heist in the precinct, in season 5, Peralta couldn’t propose to Amy in another way. 

Searching the belt, the object that the police officers had to find in order to win the game, Amy finds it. But the inscription on the belt claims something else, it is written: “Amy Santiago, will you marry me?”. 

We love this proposal because it is simple and a surprise for Amy and for the fans! No one could tell that Jake would ask Amy in this way, even though knowing that this would be the perfect way to ask her. 

Santana and Brittany, “Glee”

Also known as the fan favorite “Glee” couple, their marriage proposal is the best too! Just like in any other Glee episode, they declare their love by singing Hand in My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move together that leads to Santana asking her hand as sweet as it should be! 

Cheyenne and Bo, “Superstore”

The award for the youngest couple in TV shows goes to: Bo and Cheyenne from “Superstore”!

In the Pilot episode, Bo pretends there is a robbery at Cloud 9 (the store where Cheyenne works at) and holds the employees and customers hostage. When everyone is panicking, he does a break dance and sings his love for the girl, who is pregnant with their child. 

If it wasn’t good enough, when Cloud 9’s manager turned off the lights, glow in the dark star stickers were clued all over the ceiling – since the main character, Jonah, wanted to impress his crush, Amy. So, the episode actually involves two amazing love stories.

Overall, that scene is so sensitive that the producers remake it in the show’s last episode, when Amy and Jonah turn off the lights of their child’s room and there are also glow in the dark star stickers in the ceiling and walls. 

Pam and Jim, “The Office”

If you are a fan of “The Office”, you probably struggled to see PB&J together. 

Even though the most adorable Scranton couple takes three whole seasons to finally get together, Jim only officially asks for Pam’s hand in season 5.

She is pursuing her dream to become an artist in New York, so every other week, the love birds meet each other between cities. One day, during a pouring rain and a stressful work day, he beautifully proposes to her in a gas station and she, obviously, accepts to marry the love of her life. 

Marshall and Lily, “How I Met Your Mother”

From “How I Met Your Mother”, Marshall and Lily are the perfect example of long-term relationships and mutual love and respect. Their proposal is very simple, as it should be. Marshall proposes to Lily in the first episode at their house after eight years of dating. 

Hopefully you enjoyed remembering these scenes and they gave you a smile or two! How about rewatching the episodes to live it all again? It will sure make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

The article above was written by Isadora Restiffe and edited by Amanda Moraes. Liked this type of content? Check out Her Campus Cásper Líbero home page for more!

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