5 Tips to Help You Relax

We all know how stressful our routine may be. We usually don’t have time to pay attention to ourselves and we let the days pass by without noticing the bad habits and the unhealthy practices that we keep on doing. In this article, check out  some relaxing tips that you can include in your days to feel better and healthier.

First tip is MEDITATING.

YES! Try meditating every single day from 10 to 40 minutes! It will help you organizing your mind and your life and, in the long-term, you will see the difference.

There are many apps that you can download that will help you in the beginning. If you never have meditated in your life, don’t give up if you find it very hard to achieve a pleasurable state. Most people take a lot of time to teach their minds into doing it.

Second tip is RUNNING.

In the beginning, running can be as difficult as meditating, but the results are very pleasurable as well. When you run, you have to force your mind to concentrate in other things besides the effort that you’re putting into the exercise, and soon you will learn to take it as a therapy, once your mind is no longer focused on the exercise itself, you will find space to think and reflect.

Third tip is to explore different AROMAS

Aromatherapy is one of the greatest allies in defeating stress. Each one of the aromas will help you in a different way. Bergamot is a good antidepressant. Geranium is very efficient to fight PMS symptoms. Frankincense is great for concentration. Lemon grass is going to make you feel fresh and relaxed. Ylang Ylang is aphrodisiac. Explore different kinds of them!

Fourth tip is to make you a good cup of TEA!

There are few things as relaxing as drinking a hot cup of tea. Its properties are scientifically proved. Each tea has a specific property to help you feel better during the day.

There are Antioxidant teas such as the ones made from ginger, lemon and garlic!

There are sleeping teas; a great example is chamomile and Jasmin.

There are also the thermogenic teas, such as green and cinnamon tea.

Fifth tip is to watch Netflix or to read a good book

Few things can be as relaxing as getting involved in the plot of a good story, it can make you forget about the stressing things in your life and live a different reality. But, be careful, this tip should be followed with parsimony -  if it keeps you awake all night, you will pay for it in the next day.