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4 Exhibitions In São Paulo Made By Women You Must Know

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

In the history of art, women have always had a very similar and characteristic jobs; they’ve always been inspirational muses. After all, according to the ancient art world, women are only symbols of sensuality, delicacy, and beauty. 

But what about behind all of that? What about all the talented women that existed and could not enchant the world with their work, just because of being a woman? Thankfully, over the years, a lot of progress has been made and, even though there’s still a long way to go to reach equality in this industry, women are gaining more and more space to grow as artists. 

So, to celebrate this, I bring here some exhibitions that were made by women and you must know! Exhibitions that show talent, creativity, strength, and beauty. A mix of the best qualities expressed in art. All are being exhibited right now in São Paulo and are waiting for you. Check it out!

“Pagã”, Regina Parra

Our first stop is located in one of the most famous museums in São Paulo: Pinacoteca. In Regina Parra: Pagã, we have the production in painting, audiovisual, installations, and performances. The artist brings to life scenarios about the female body, pleasure, freedom, and insubordination. It’s almost a play split into nine scenes, where the proposal is to make the public enter the situation, to feel and live the exhibition. 

“Pagã” caters to the archetype of one woman – or many. It is a ritual of self-knowledge and discovery. Regina’s intention was to create someone that women can identify themselves with, an experience of recognizing their bodies and themselves. She also explores the freedom of the female body, introducing settings such as Greek mythology, theatrical scenes, and poetic fragments. 

The exhibition began on April 1st and will be displayed until August 23

“Formas Vivas”, Elisa Bracher

Curated by Pollyana Quintela, the works displayed were developed especially for this exhibition. Celebrating her 25th anniversary after her first exhibition on Pinacoteca, Elisa Bracher returned with her panoramic presentation Formas Vivas. The artist is famous for exploring relations between form, matter, and space. The exhibition in question proposes a fluid organization between issues that have always permeated Bracher’s production: weight, balance, composition, and course. The production also has 3 songs developed to complement the work, signed by Shen Ribeiro and Murilo Felicíssimo

It is also set in Pinacoteca, so you can organize and plan an itinerary and in one day, enjoy these two beautiful and exciting exhibitions! The address is the same, but they are definitely unique and bring their own intention.

The exhibition also began on April 1st but will be finalized a little bit later on September 17

“De Tudo Se Faz Canção”, Vânia Mignone

On the other hand, in De Tudo se Faz Canção, produced by Vânia Mignone, the artist brings a well-established proposal: turn her paintings into songs. The artist establishes Brazilian popular music in her daily life. The works are fragmented into drawings, collages, illustrations for literary works, album covers, prints, and paintings. 

The visitors will be received by a large mural dedicated to the recent episode of the Yanomami humanitarian tragedy, in Amazônia. 

The exhibition will be on display until June 4, at Tomie Ohtake Institute

Carmézia Emiliano: a árvore da vida

And inside the museum located at the most famous avenue in São Paulo – Avenida Paulista -, we have Carmézia Emiliano: a árvore da vida. With 34 works composing the show, Carmézia proposes a reflection on landscapes, objects of material culture, and the daily life of the indigenous artist, who is Macuxi, from Roraima. 

The records of the transmission of knowledge, of the support networks among women, and of the relationship of deep respect and cooperation with nature stand out.  

“A árvore da vida” refers to a recurring theme in the artist’s work, the myth of the Wazaká, the tree of life, which causes Mount Roraima to emerge from its severed trunk.

The exhibition will be on display until June 11, at MASP

As we saw, we have a lot of great options to visit and be enchanted by those charming exhibitions made by incredible women. It’s our job to support them! Art is too big to be limited to the gender of the artist, I’m so glad we are fixing that bug! Let’s prestige and honor female artists, who as we have seen, are capable of much. 

As the author Delia Owens says in her book A Place Far Away From Here,  “a group of women is the most solid and loving place that exists”. Let’s be there for each other and for all the amazing, wonderful, and talented women who are coming, without forgetting about the many others who fought before us so that we can be here. The credit is ours! We go girl! So, taking Regina, Elisa, Vânia, and Carmézia as an example, now it’s up to us to keep going. Express in art all the magic that is in you!

The article above was edited by Amanda Moraes.

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