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‘Who Runs The Financial Market?’: Ring The Bell & Gender Equality

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

March is always memorable because of the 8th of the month, in which we celebrate the International Women’s Day. It’s a date known for the beauty, empowerment, and hypocrisy of many. And it’s the only day in the year when women can speak up for themselves without being called dramatic or unnecessary (while,to be honest, many of us are kept silent on our own day). I believe that most of us know at least one event that uses this date to celebrate female strength or simply to give women the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Today’s subject is exactly one of these events. 

Known for the union of women in the financial market, Ring The Bell for gender equality is full of powerful and strong women all around the world. Promoted by more than 100 stock exchanges, the event includes videos, live conversations and speeches of important names in the economy scope. I had the incredible opportunity to be present at B3 (Brazilian stock exchange) on the 8th to witness the sixth edition of that reunion, and I think it’s more than necessary to speak out about something that generates so much hope and inspiration in a platform where you’ll be heard.

Right at the entrance to the event venue, several subtle things draw attention. Among them there is the option of using blue as the main color, breaking the stigma that links women to the color pink. Another amazing thing was seeing powerful women proving that clothes do not define a woman’s credibility or seriousness; there were dresses, skirts, jeans, suits, makeup, no makeup, sneakers and high heels. In addition to that, the vast majority of the visual, organization and production team were women, which made the environment even more welcoming. Finally, the last “small” but definitely important detail is that the event (that was broadcast live and being recorded) had two female interpreters who translated the whole thing into sign language. 

During the event, the host Luciana Barreto, a news anchor anchor at CNN Brazil, intermediated a chat with Adriana Muratore, the coordinator of Programa Diversidade em Conselho, Ana Carolina Querino (a representative of UN Women Brazil), and Ana Buchaim (executive director of B3).  These talented people talked about how the stock exchange is working hard to give women opportunity by mentoring workers, placing at least one woman in each governance sector and promoting events focused on the insertion of women in the market. They also commented about how important it is to have goals (to female teams and to each woman individually) and to understand that, as Luciana said: “we are in the same sea, but in different boats”, referring to women who suffer more that one prejudice, such as Black and Transgender women.

The definition of “empowered women” was given to this year’s March 8th by Ana Buchaim: “She has conscience of her rights and believes in the power of sorority. She knows how sexism interferes in her life”. After that, she explained that women empowerment will contribute to development, productivity and profit-taking.

She advised all of us there (and the ones watching online) that the way to combat the obstacles that prevent the achievement of gender equality is divided into 4 steps: accepting that they exist, start the change at home, changing professional processes and excluding the bias that already exist in us. A good example of this last steps is the B3’s initiative to exclude gender, address, university, race and age of the curriculum vitae.

After such a sensational experience, all I can say is thank you to all women, men, collaborators, stock exchanges and everyone included in Ring The Bell for gender equality. Thank you for fighting to create a safe and fair place for women to work.  As a young woman, I quote Luciana Barreto: “We should be able to get to the top and then pull other women too”.

Se eu pudesse mudar a vida das pessoas usando as palavras assim como eu mudei a minha… Ah, peraí, eu posso (ou posso pelo menos tentar). Em meio a vários características – feminista, meio patricinha de São Paulo, geminiana, apaixonada por moda, obcecada por poemas e algumas outras- prometo tirar o maior proveito de todas elas para tentar alcançar um mundo mais cheio de respeito e amor.