4 Realistic New Year's Resolutions And How To Keep Them

Do more exercise

Unless you’re a six-times-a-week gym fanatic, doing more exercise is always possible. As daunting or awful as it seems, there are countless health benefits including increased self esteem, sleeping better at night and better concentration that you’ll thank yourself for in the long run! Try taking up a new sport; being part of a team will make you more likely to stick at it and is a great way to meet new people.

Spend less time on Facebook/Twitter

Most of us will (reluctantly) admit that we spend too much time scrolling the News Feeds of Facebook and Twitter, which is a huge drain on our time and ironically quite unsociable given its ‘Social’ Media title. Making sure you keep your phone in your bag when meeting friends for coffee will give you the realisation that you can go without posting a Tweet for an hour at least. Limiting yourself to a couple of hours in the evening and logging out on your mobile means you’ll get more work done and be less distracted by those pesky home screen notifications

Eat Less Junk and More Fruit/Veg

No mean feat especially after the Christmas time of plenty, but cutting down on junk food will make you feel less sluggish, give you more energy for the day, better skin and is a positive effect on your body inside and out. Try to make a meal plan for the week of healthy but filling meals (you can find hundreds of free recipes on Google) and go shopping for the ingredients when you’re not hungry, so you’re not tempted by unhealthy snacks! 

Spend More Time Studying

No one really wants to study more than they already do, so resolving to do so is difficult, but not impossible; focusing of the positive long term reasons for studying regularly (less stress, performing better in exams, getting an overall better degree!) is a good start to becoming a more regular studier. Set yourself at least one hour a day where you turn off your phone and everything else that distracts you, and dedicate it just to studying. Even if you don’t have a deadline looming, there’s always extra reading that can be done!