Relax with a Furry Friend

If anyone has been feeling like me lately, then you are totally stressed out.  The end of the semester craziness has begun to take effect, and the numerous deadlines, presentations, projects, and everything else has warranted extreme levels of anxiety.  Everything is trying to wrap up effectively and all at once, and it is very easy to feel overwhelmed as another school year comes to a close.  When I am feeling stressed and need to take a break, I think of the things that make me happy and choose that as an outlet of stress relief.  Music-I listen to it all the time, and it does the trick to calm me down.  Friends-They understand how I am feeling and do their best to help me cope with my stress.  But I have found out that sometimes in times of stress, a furry friend can perk up my spirits and put my anxiety at ease.

I love that dogs can help teach us many life lessons that are so simple, yet difficult to figure out and convey.  Dogs are the ones that will always be happy to see you at any time of the day.  My dog is scratching at the door at 6 A.M. or 6 P.M. and is always hyper and ready to take on the world.  I love that dogs can find the best in every person and find joy in the simplest things in life.  They keep us grounded and help us realize our full potential as individuals. 

They love everyone unconditionally and inspire people to be the best they can be, to themselves and others.  They turn the bad days into good ones just with one cute look and a wag of the tail.  They teach us responsibility and empathy and are always ready to come and snuggle whenever.  They’re the best companions anyone could ask for and make every day more enjoyable than the last.  Dogs are always ready to make us laugh and smile, and they are always down for the next adventure with you.

The best thing I have discovered about having an adorable dog in your life is that no matter what you are feeling or the major changes that you experience in your life, your dog will show unfleeting loyalty to you and never abandon you, even if you stray away from your dog.  There are times when I have come home extremely helpless and full of sadness, and there are times when I’ve walked in the door feeling happier than ever before, and the one thing that has never changed is my dog jumping into my arms, giving me kisses, and being so excited to see me.  When you experience this, you know that you’ve found a lifelong friend.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed from the craziness and stressors of life, put down the headphones and shut off your phone.  Go and spend time with the one who has always been there for you, and show them how much you appreciate them.  You’ve found your furry friend for life.