What Your Favorite Acoustic Spotify Playlist Says About You

Whether you're hanging out in the sun, studying for a test or getting ready for bed, Spotify has an acoustic playlist for you. What music you listen to says a lot about your personality, here’s what your favorite acoustics says about you. 

Acoustic Covers 

You like the current songs, but they are just a little to meddled for you. You like simplicity in your music and to listen to what the music is saying, not what the DJ came up with on the other side of the booth. 

Try listening to "Billie Jean" by The Civil Wars and "U Remind Me" by James TW 

Morning Acoustic 

Who needs loud beats to feel pumped for the day? Complexity doesn't have to come from seven different instruments; you can get your hips swinging and heart pumping with a strong guitar and stronger voice. 

Try listening to "The Worth of The Wait" by Ivan & Alyosha and "Celeste" by Ezra Vine 

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Acoustic Summer 

Summer to you isn't crazy parties that stretch from sun rise to sun set. Your summer looks more like a cool indie movie with the window rolled down somewhere on Highway 1, with the warm air and a smile on your face.  

Try listening to "Grow Up - Acoustic" by Olly Murs and "Tiger Striped Sky" by Roo Panes 

Infinite Roots and Acoustic 

You need soul in your music. Music doesn't need to be danced to; it can be appreciated just as much by sitting and truly listening. You want to feel the creativity and raw emotions in your veins. 

Try Listening to "All The Pretty Girls" by Kaleo and "Sophie" by Bear's Den

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Afternoon Acoustic 

Guitars don’t need to be dull; they can bring just as much spark to you as a good drum solo. You can have an amazing afternoon stretched on Dexter Lawn appreciating the world passing you by. 

Try listening to "Boardwalks" by Little May and "Mountain Falls for the Sea" by Findlay Brown 

All in all, any acoustic playlist has its own appeal, and every song has its own place. Happy listening.