The Best Spotify Playlists for Every Situation

Everyone knows that one of the best perks of being in college is the student discounts. My personal favorite? Spotify Premium. And for all my fellow devotees out there, you know how easy it is to get lost in playlist land. So here are some of the best playlists to get you through the week:

That moment when: you need to pull an all-nighter

Listen to: Gentle Classic: From Dawn Till Dusk

This instrumental mix is soothing enough to keep you focused and fresh enough to keep you from dozing off. Plus, it’s long enough to play, well...from dawn till dusk and back again.

That moment when: you and your squad are getting ready to go out

Listen to: Throwback Jams

This one is sure to get everyone feeling hyped! Featuring classic Missy Elliot and fresh-out-of-*NSYNC Justin Timberlake, you won’t be able to resist singing along as you get glammed up.

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That moment when: you’re driving down Highway 1

Listen to: Happy Folk

Nothing but good vibes and sunshine here! Roll down the windows and crank it up, as you take in the best views of SLOme to some hazy indie tunes.

That moment when: you’re trying to do that last set at the rec

Listen to: Power Workout

Feel like the bad*ss you truly are and work it out to these confidence-boosters. They’ll remind you that you’ve totally got this -- and how good you’ll feel when you’re done!

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That moment when: you need a pick-me-up

Listen to: Mood Booster

Exactly what it sounds like! College is hard, there's no way around that. Sometimes we all need a little mood booster, and a dance break to this playlist will hit the spot. It’s the perfect mix of throwbacks and new hits.

So let's make that student discount worth it. Happy listening collegiettes!