We Heart This App

Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day this month; the first friday of February has been designated “National Wear Red Day” in order to bring awareness to women’s heart disease. What better way is there to celebrate a healthy heart than to exercise?

My new obsession has been the app “Charity Miles.” In it, you can track the distance you’ve walked, ran, or biked, and the app will donate money to your charity of choice for each mile.

If endorphins weren’t enough, giving to charities certainly makes you feel good. Going to college already means that you’re walking a lot from class to class so you might as well help out the world as you walk. Their charities include Habitat for Humanity, Girl Up, World Wildlife Fund, Soles 4 Souls, among others.

I personally chose the National Park Foundation to help fund repairs from the destruction caused as a result of the government shutdown.

On the app, you can join groups and be on leaderboards. My friends just started a walking group on Sunday mornings to log miles with this app which is not only motivating, but helps us set aside time for both socializing and exercising. Imagine the change we could make if we all got squads together to walk and raise money! Let’s get out there, help our bodies and help the world.