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Cooper Ray




1st Year

Where are you from?

Portland, Oregon

What’s your defining quality?

Extroversion. I love to talk with people and really have meaningful conversations; not just surface level ones about their day, but about their interesting facts and things you can connect with them about. I love making people feel comfortable in conversations by really taking the time to be present with them and fully appreciate what they’re saying.

Why did you choose to become a nutrition major?

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease when I was two years old, so that means that I’m really actually allergic to gluten, it’s not just for fun. I’ve been dealing with maintaining a special diet my whole life. I thought it would be nice if I had someone guiding me every step of the way, so I want to help people with allergies and special diets to actually stick with them, so that their bodies will remain healthy.

What is your dream job?

My dream job would be to have my own private practice of being a registered dietician nutritionist and I would help people with special diets or allergies. Or, I’d like to be a nutritionist for a super big company to be able to improve the efficiency of a company through nutrition. I’d want to work for companies like Nike, Intel, or Apple.

What is your current favorite food?


Any plans for this summer?

Go back home and work as a juicer at Whole Foods. I plan on taking a few online classes to try to save money for the upcoming school year.

How did you choose Cal Poly?

I knew that I wanted to go to a school out of state and California was the closest and most exciting that my parents were most comfortable with. I was looking all around for perfect schools in California and every one of them was either too expensive or had just little weird quirks about them. Cal Poly seemed like the perfect option because of all the possibilities that it would offer after I graduate.

Describe a perfect day.

Wake up at a respectable hour, take my time to make a good cup of coffee, and sit and have morning conversations with my best friends. Then, we’d get an idea to go to the beach and just mess around all day, have a good time. After, we’d come home and just chill because we have no worries.