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Get Yourself a Go-To Gym Gal


Warm weather is on its way and beloved sweater weather is fleeting. In San Luis Obispo, that means it's almost time to spend beautiful days at the beach. If you're looking to hit the gym before summer we have some advice to keep you accountable. 

We understand—getting to the gym can be a struggle. There is a repertoire of excuses you can tell yourself to forget about sweating for the day and you might just cave. No one blames you, we’re sure you have some very persuasive points (like more sleep of course!).

You know who won’t listen to excuses? Your gal pal! She has heard all your reasons to skip the gym for the day and you have heard her attempts to quit but you both hold each other accountable.

If you are hesitant about starting a workout routine, finding a friend who frequents the gym may make you feel more comfortable about stepping into the fitness world. If you happen to be a gym guru, share your passion with a friend. Your motivation could be the key to your friend finding another source of confidence. No matter how comfortable you are in the gym, a planned gym sesh with a friend will help both of you stay accountable. Realistically, one way or another, one of you may not feel motivated to work out, but then the other will step up to keep you both on track to getting fit.

Committing to a specific time every day mentally prepares you to carve out a moment in your busy schedule for self-care. More than a motivation factor, a friend can serve as a companion to commiserate with during grueling workouts, or dare I say, make them enjoyable.

Looking over to see your bestie getting after it on the treadmill makes you push yourself to finish those last few laps. Doing some leg-lifts together, synchronized donkey kicks or maybe some sit-ups reaching into in a high five will add spice to your workouts. Cute partner exercises transform a bland regimen to a duo looking like fitness vloggers.

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After a few visits to the gym, a routine starts to form, it can feel like second nature. The intimidation that comes from not knowing how to use a machine, or self-consciousness about how you look is outweighed by the fact you know your girl has got your back. Together, you can try different moves without the fear of looking ridiculous. If the attempt turns out more wonky than workout, laugh it off together.


My Personal Experience 

I dreaded the gym and hoped that walking up the library stairs would be enough to keep me slim, (they are still no small feat). Honestly, even though I knew the gym was something I should do, I still felt intimidated. Almost to announce I didn’t know what I was doing, the Rec’s CIA level security hand-scanning system would deny my access code, trapping me outside a place I already felt like an outsider at. My roommate was persistent as all heck, and I am grateful for that. She was not pushy or trying to guilt trip me, she just invited me to come along every time she was planning to hit the gym.

One day I ran out of excuses and accepted the fact I wanted to be healthier. She walked with me and waited through my seven different hand scans to finally get in. We found online inspiration workouts to try and laughed the whole time, being goofs together. Now, I find myself asking her to schedule a gym sesh. It’s a great way for us to spend some time together and feel productive at the same time. I’m glad I got myself a go-to gym gal and hope you can find one too!


Ava Fry

Cal Poly '19

Fourth Year History major at Cal Poly who loves reading, writing, and drawing.
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