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6 Easy Ways to Bring More Daily Positivity Into Your Life

Life is a funny and fickle thing, you know? When it rains, it pours and when it pours, it storms. It’s like a domino effect of shit can happen and it feels like it’s always all at once. During times like these, when you’re the domino, and you just keep getting knocked over, it can be frighteningly easy to give up and let yourself fall into a rut. It’s normal, it’s human. But, making the active choice to think positively and claw your way out of the rut is more important than we could ever put into numerous words and sentences. Incorporating positive thoughts and methods is simple. However, as mentioned before, it must be an active choice. It’s a choice to preserve your mental health, to better your relationships (especially the relationship you have with yourself), to look at the universe in a more beautiful way, and to open up a world of opportunities. Here are a few tips we collected to help you up your daily positivity. 

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1. Start each day with an affirmative and enthusiastic thought.

Each day is a fresh start, a clean slate if you will. Wake up and think, “Today will be great because I’ll make it that way.” Everything begins with your mindset. Be actively conscious of how you approach the day.

2. Make a hearty breakfast (complete with coffee of course).

Breakfast is the most important meal, as it energizes and propels you into the day. The basic act of making breakfast helps wake you up more, and a full belly is a happy one (can you say hangry?). If you start the day productive, you’ll be more likely to keep that momentum going until you tuck yourself in at night. 

3. As you walk or drive at some point in the day, list off things you’re grateful for to yourself.

As you walk to campus, turn off your music for a second so you can have this positive conversation with yourself. Give a big “thank you” to the universe for all of the things you’re lucky enough to have: the ability to walk, the sunshine and clear skies (or rain and clouds for you rain lovers), for being able to attend Cal Poly, you name it. Even on a dark and gloomy day, there is always something to be grateful for. Being mindful of those aspects of life will really show you that life is full of precious things to appreciate.

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4. Listen to music that makes you stoked on life.

Why is it a thing to listen to sad music when we’re sad?? It’s just dramatically magnifying our pain. Sometimes it’s helpful when you’re having a hard time allowing yourself to feel sad. It’s healthy. But, doing it every time you’re feeling a little off or negative? That’s just self-destructive! In instances when you want to make yourself sad, fight off the urge. Make a playlist of tunes that you can’t help but smile to. 

5. Make lists. For anything.

Seriously. To-do lists, lists of things you’re grateful for, bucket lists, resolutions lists — anything. Crossing off tasks you’ve completed is extremely relieving and rewarding, and setting little reminders for yourself helps you stay organized. 

6. Acknowledge that you attract what you put into the universe.

You get back what you give to others. If you radiate kindness and positivity, the world is going to send it right back your way. Keeping this in mind can bring you opportunities for budding relationships with others and what the world presents you with. The world is a beautiful place when you start acknowledging it and treating it as such. Always be kind to others and to yourself.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you live the wonderful, amazing life you deserve.

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