10 Delicious Vegan Dinners to Try

Whether you are interested in being vegan or not, you can still make an impact on the environment by trying out some vegan recipes. When you eat vegan, you are actually helping the world reduce energy consumption (it takes a lot of energy to raise animals) and purify the air. It forces you to think more about the nutrients your body needs and live a more healthy lifestyle. Now, there are so many alternatives that exist for meat and dairy products, that it is easier than ever to be vegan. To help you dip your toes into this lifestyle, here are 10 quick and easy vegan recipes to try: 

  1. 1. Vegan Tikka Masala

    This recipe is sooo creamy and scrumptious. If you like Thai food, this meal is for you! The ingredients you need include extra firm tofu, raw cashews, water and lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, garam masala, cayenne pepper, turmeric, salt, freshly grated ginger, crushed cloves garlic, and tomato sauce. Check out the link in the post above for more details on how to make this delicious dinner!

  2. 2. Vegan Creamy Mushroom Pasta

    This pasta is packed with nutrients and will have your mouth watering. It is also very simple and takes only 15 minutes to make! The only ingredients you need are whole-wheat spaghetti noodles, olive oil, cremini sliced mushrooms, shallots peeled and chopped, cloves garlic, thyme leaves, fine sea salt, all-purpose flour, coconut milk, spinach, and lemon juice. 

  3. 3. Vegetable Medley

    What more can you ask for than a healthy vegetable medley? All you need for this quick meal is some yellow squash, sweet potatoes, spinach, mushrooms and chickpeas of any amount you choose to put in your bowl. Top it off with some hummus, preferably Trader Joes' Tabbouleh Styled hummus, and your dinner is served!

  4. 4. Vegan Quesadillas

    This is hands down one of the easiest meals on this list. If you need to make something and you're on the go, try out this recipe! Just grab some tortillas and fill them with vegan cheese, black beans, corn, and guacamole. Pro tip: If you want to make tacos instead, do the same but add some sautéed peppers and vegan beefless beef!

  5. 5. Brussel Sprouts

    While the taste of Brussels sprouts is somewhat controversial, I find them delicious. All you need to cook some Brussels sprouts is some cooking oil (I like to use olive oil) and add some salt and pepper on top when frying them over the stove top or cooking the sprouts in the oven. I like to slice the sprouts in half to cook them faster, and I also like to add some garlic powder and vegan feta cheese on top when they are done cooking. Serve over some rice and you have a meal!

  6. 6. Avocado Toast with a Twist

    I couldn't NOT put avocado toast on this list. This may be seen as more of a breakfast meal, but I eat avocado toast for dinner all the time and have no shame. All you need is one slice of bread (I prefer whole wheat or sourdough), sesame seeds (optional), thyme, lemon oil, and tomatoes (you can them and mash them up into the avocado if you want). In this recipe, they put Trader Joes' za'atar seasoning on top. I recommend this or Trader Joes' Everything Bagel seasoning, which I think really elevates your basic, every day avocado toast. Enjoy!

  7. 7. Vegan In n Out Burgers

    If you do decide to go vegan, it is really important to not forget to eat protein. A black bean burger is full of iron and protein to sustain your body, and this recipe copies In-N-Out so what more can you ask for?? Check out this In-N-Out Vegan Burger Recipe here to copy this meal.

  8. 8. Mushroom Tacos

    These Saucy Satay Mushrooms are to DIE FOR. The yummy sauce for this recipe takes about five minutes to make and includes some coconut milk, peanut butter, lime juice, garlic, turmeric and other additional spices you can add. Then, you fill your tortillas with sautéed mushrooms, cabbage, peanuts (this is optional), some fresh herbs, and drizzle your sauce on top. Yummmm.

  9. 9. Vegan Massaman Curry

    This Vegan Massaman Curry is the perfect amount of spice and savory. To make this, all you need are tofu, red curry paste, baby potatoes, cumin, coconut milk, coconut aminos, cooking oil, peanut butter, and some cinnamon or other recommended spices in the recipe. If you are looking to perhaps go out of your comfort zone, I highly recommend making your own curry!

  10. 10. Vegan Waffles

    What's better than breakfast for dinner? These pakora waffles are made out of chickpea flour and totally vegan and allergen friendly! Check out this recipe if you are craving a dinner that is sweet and comforting like a Sunday morning. 

Well, there you have it! Cooking up each of these ten vegan recipes will definitely keep you busy and healthy during quarantine. Trying out new foods and getting out of your comfort zone can really open your eyes to finding different ways to fuel your body and enjoying the journey all the while. Good luck to my fellow chefs (and if you're not a chef, you're about to be)!