What is Your Defining Moment?

What would be a defining moment in your life?  A defining moment is an event that happened in your life that ended up changing your outlook. Photo Courtesy Of: PhotoPin.com

In my short eighteen years of life I have had a few of these defining moments.  This one moment in particular I can still recall vividly.  I was in grade school and my science class showed a video about animal mistreatment and the harmfulness of the fast food industry.  When watching this video I remember being in shock, not just about the corruption that was involved in the fast food industry but also how I could be eating food so blindly.  I could not stop thinking about how I had never stopped and thought about where my food had came from as well as the environmental impact.  It was from that day forward that I vowed to make a change and go vegan.  Making that choice was simple to me because it had meant so much to me, knowing what I put into my body and taking care of myself was and still is a thought that goes through the back of my mind with every decision I make.  For me, after making the decision to go vegan, the rest of my choices after that were simple, so overall going vegan wasn’t that difficult.  Now, this is not another article trying to convince you to go vegan. However, this is an article about what makes you, you.  Photo Courtesy Of PhotoPin.com

I always enjoy meeting new people and what I often find is that when people share the defining moments in their life, it makes connecting with them on a deeper level much more simple. From that moment forward, you can finally understand their decision making process and what they see as most important. The little defining moments that happen throughout your life are what shape you as a person, the decisions you make, and the way you choose to live your life.  Stopping and reflecting on these moments is important to do every once in a while to remember who you are and what you are passionate about.  It is easy to forget who you are, especially with classes settling into a routine.  Getting out of a safe routine and into being more involved in what you are passionate about is what makes looking back at the defining moments in your life so important.