Staying Positive is the Way To Go

Vanessa Avalos is from Fresno, California. Family is extremely important to her and they play a big role in her life; they support her in everything she does so it’s important for her to pay them back somehow. I can do this “by being a good daughter and putting their money towards my education to good use," Vanessa said. She has two siblings, an older brother and sister who are extremely supportive and protective. Whenever something bad happens, they’re always willing to help her. Vanessa is a big animal person! She describes herself as a people person; she likes to help people in whatever way she possibly can. As well as being a hard worker, when she finds something of interest she usually puts a lot of her effort into it which can be bad at times, but it’s great for the most part.

Her Campus Cal Lutheran: How is your semester going so far?

Vanessa Avalos: Pretty well-- really well actually. I just got on board with the scholars program that’s going to impact my path towards graduate school in a really great way. It’s going to give me a lot of resources that I really need. I have been building a lot of connections that have helped me see myself achieving the goals that I want to get to.

HCCLU: What are you most looking forward to this semester?

VA: Starting research; that’s really exciting. Spending time with friends. And, hopefully raising my GPA.HCCLU: What is your major and why?

VA: I am a Biology major and I chose this major because ever since I started taking science classes, I always had more questions on how things work and that was what caused me to be more curious. The more classes I take about the subject, the more I want to know. Through biology, I figured out that it is one of the ways I can help my community, as well as to come up with a way to help others on a larger scale.

HCCLU: Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

VA: Multicultural Program, LASO and research; I’m starting a project in genetics and working with a professor who studies pesticides. My goal is to analyze any effect that these pesticides have on the genetic make-up of an organism that I haven’t chosen yet (a bacteria of some sort.)HCCLU: What are you the most passionate about?

VA: Achieving the goals I have set for myself because no matter what, the goals that I have are my own and no one can change them except for me. If I can focus on what I have set for myself, there is no way anyone can get in the way of it.

HCCLU: What’s your dream job?

VA: As of right now, genetic counseling. Genetic counseling is basically someone who consults with couples looking at hereditary possibilities for their children and the likelihood that the parents are going to pass on to their children.

HCCLU: Who’s your hero and why?

VA: Selena Quintanilla. I’m in love with her. She was such a gracious person and I kind of identify with her a lot, being Latina and juggling two cultures. Trying to lift up people from both cultures, she found a way to unify people and I find that to be really inspirational.

HCCLU: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

VA: One time when I was really little I used to sleep walk, and I sleep walked out of my parents’ hotel room into a different one and I had to get returned to my family in the morning. They went to the lobby and said they found this child and my parents went down to look for me so they found me.

HCCLU: What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

VA: I find ways to laugh at pretty much everything. My life could be falling apart and I’ll just laugh about it. I am also pretty resilient. So I get up and figure out how to fix everything.

HCCLU: What is your favorite quote/life motto?

VA: “You can only go up from here.” When I feel really upset or when I feel like I’m at the bottom, I remind myself that that’s the bottom and I can only go up. Everything will be fine. I guess it’s cause I’m a pretty optimistic person. Things will get better. It helps me stay positive throughout it all.