Spread Too Thin

I am not one who can easily say no to adding new tasks to my plate. This year, and especially this semester, I have loaded on a pile of things thinking each would not be too much work and I could fit each into my schedule. Now, I have managed my time just fine and am getting by, but certain areas of my life cannot get the attention they deserve. 

It is very easy for college students like myself who want to be involved to do as many things as possible to fill up a resume, and never turn down an opportunity. While this does help set you apart, it is easier on yourself and far more productive to produce a list of accomplishments in a couple of areas, rather than only surface-level involvement. Every week, I have been left endlessly treading water without breaks, thinking I just have to get through the week. Then, the next arrives and work piles up once more. Not only is the stress and lack of downtime unhealthy – it decreases the quality of my work.

Photo provided by Pexels

I am worn out and losing passion for the things I love. In the words of Thoreau, “It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” 

I have come to ask myself this question and found I am not busy with the things which matter. I am creating a giant list and checking things off, but not delving into them. In other words, I could be working on a thousand tasks, but it is all for naught if I cannot make a difference.

If you’re like me and have many interests, find roles in which you can employ all of these at once. Your work will become more enjoyable if it integrates your passions, and especially if you are not just checking something off a list before moving on to the next.

Cover photo provided by Pixabay