Seeking Spring While Social Distancing

          Spring is a season for us to get outside and start enjoying more sunshine and warm weather after the Fall and Winter seasons. Typically, we’d be going to the beach, riding our bikes, and spending a lot more of our time outdoors with our friends and family. Spring of 2020 is going to be different though because we’ll be staying inside in an attempt to flatten the curve for COVID-19. While being at home is no beach vacation, here are 30 ways for you to have fun and stay entertained no matter what mood you’re in while staying safe at home.

Get Productive:

  1. Check-in on your 2020 goals. It’s about that time where we’ve all pretty much fallen off track from what we hoped we would have accomplished this year. See how you’ve been doing with your goals and reassess your game plan for the rest of the year.
  2. Perfect your resume and cover letter. Listen, perfecting your resume isn’t as simple as it seems. No matter how many times you make corrections to your resume it seems like it can always be better. Reach out to your schools’ career center to ask for their feedback on how you can make your resume perfect.
  3. Learn a new skill. There are so many different websites where you can learn new skills like Photoshop, calligraphy, a new language, or how to play an instrument. The resources are at your fingertips to whatever you want to learn.
  4. Try new recipes. Everyone seems to be making banana bread lately, feel free to jump on the bandwagon.
  5. Clean and declutter your physical and digital spaces. It will feel so refreshing once your space has been cleaned and decluttered. You’ll no longer have to stick to that one corner of your house because it was the only clean space you felt comfortable showing in all your zoom meetings. You can zoom in your house free of any potential embarrassment.

Get Personal:

  1. Learn about yourself. There are so many tests you can take in an attempt to better understand yourself and why you do the things you do. You can find out your enneagram, your love language, your attachment type, your birth chart for astrology, a Myers Briggs personality test, and I’m sure there’s more, all available to you for free on Google. Whether you choose to believe or identify with the results is up to you, but it’s still fun and entertaining to learn about.
  2. Use a journal to write a letter to your future self. This is such a wild experience that the entire world is going through and will likely be spoken about as part of our history. It’ll be interesting to look back at our personal thoughts and feelings from this time, like a time capsule.
  3. Support your local businesses. If you have the funds and desire to shop, use this opportunity to find cool and local businesses that can use your support and offer you a personalized and unique experience.
  4. Invest in yourself. What are your dreams and desires that you haven’t put into action yet? Whether that’s literally investing in stocks, taking a new class, or starting an Etsy shop, take this time for you and what you want to do. Investing in yourself could also mean just doing what you can during this pandemic to cope with all these new stressors. Do what you need to do, even if it's just fixing your sleep schedule.
  5. Do whatever it is you’ve been putting off for later because you said that you “didn’t have the time for it.” I don’t know what that thing is for you, but now’s the time that you should go do it.

Get Active:

  1. Workout - even if it’s only for 5 minutes. If you’re like me and not used to working out, it’s ok to start simple and do basic stretches, squats, jumping jacks, whatever you’re capable of. There are endless amounts of free workout videos on YouTube to suit your needs.
  2. Try meditating. Meditating gives you a moment to yourself to completely relax. If you don’t feel comfortable meditating on your own, YouTube has guided meditations that you can follow.
  3. Find new music and make a playlist that you can have a dance party to. 
  4. Practice how to do the splits.
  5. Have a picnic in your yard. This is a way that you can still get your daily dose of vitamin D while staying safe at home.

Get Creative:

  1. Make a YouTube channel. You have all the time in the world to record and learn how to edit, even if it’s just on your phone. If you have an iPhone, iMovie is already available to you but there are other editing programs you can find for free on your laptop.
  2. Make a TikTok account. Whether you’re just consuming the content or decide to make some of your own, it’s entertaining and passes the time. Learning the dances can be your new form of exercise and the sayings will keep you up to date with all the references - shout out to Rachel.
  3. Use chalk to decorate the sidewalk. You can write encouraging sayings for anyone walking by, draw cute pictures, or make a game of hopscotch.
  4. Start painting. There are so many different ways you can paint and you can paint nearly anything. You can make some new art for your room or as a gift, paint a wall in your house, or even paint a fun design on a rock and put it outside for someone else to find and enjoy.
  5. Have a photo shoot and use the photos to either plan out your Instagram feed or make some collages and scrapbook them.

Get Stylish:

  1. Practice and learn new makeup techniques. Beauty gurus have made me think that I am also a beauty guru with how many videos I’ve seen and the amount of makeup I’ve purchased, but I always stick to the same makeup look. Try something new with your makeup. The foxy eye or yellow blush, maybe?
  2. Practice new hairstyles - there has to at least be one braided style that you don’t know how to do on yourself yet.
  3. Have a fashion show for yourself and create new outfits with what you already have in your wardrobe.
  4. Experiment with your self-tan. If you’re anything like me, you have an assortment of self-tanners but no favorite brand because you’ve been too afraid of trying them all and having it turn out bad or look orange. This is the time to see which brand of self-tanner is your favorite because no one is going to see if your legs look like the color of an Oompa Loompa, so we won’t have to live with that public shame and embarrassment.  
  5. Clean your jewelry and makeup brushes, it’s probably been a little too long since the last time you have.

Get comfortable:

  1. Build a fort and proceed to do any of the following activities inside of your fort:
  2. Find a new show to get invested in and have a Netflix watch party.
  3. Video chat with your friends and family. You can still have a girl’s night, date, bible study, dance party, hang out with your friends, just virtually.
  4. Listen to new podcasts, there’s a podcast for all your interests and whatever mood you’re in. If you need a new recommendation, What Riggan's Diggin is a 10/10 podcast to listen to if I do say so myself (and I do).
  5. Read more Her Campus articles, you’re already on the site and there are thousands more to choose from.

three women lay next to each other on a bed with their feet up in the air.                We may not be having a typical Spring this year but there’s still plenty of activities for us to do. Hopefully, this list helped you to find something new to do with your time and you don’t waste this Spring waiting to go back to a life free from social distancing.