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Review: LA Vegan Street Fair 2017

In a city known for its love of health, fitness and all-organic anything, it was no surprise that Los Angeles’s Vegan Street Fair was an amazing hit filled with delicious food and non-”hangry” crowds. Here are several reasons to attend the street fair next year or the Vegfest later this April:

1. Admission is free! For both the street fair and upcoming Vegfest, there is no cost to enter the event.

2. At the street fair, all of the stands and food trucks had at least one delicious “bite” that was $4 or under. This great deal allowed my friends and I to try a wide variety of delicacies for a low price, but high reward.3. Several stands had complimentary items or free samples, yet often these steals were under the radar, so some scoping is required on this treasure hunt of food.

4. Although some lines were long, the service was fast and simple! Even the lines seemed to move quickly with friendly people around us striking up conversations and sharing their favorite food choices at the event.5. There is something for everyone! My boyfriend, a picky eater and definitely not a vegan, fell in love with his vegan “Chili Cheese Hot Dog and fries” and mango sorbet. With so many booths, there are plenty of options for anyone to choose from.6. Sharing food is a win-win! My friends and I would often split items to try the most things we could. There’s nothing that bonds you as much as sharing fried vegan mac n cheese balls with your closest companions.

7. At the upcoming Vegfest on April 30th, there will be even more vegan food, speakers, eco-friendly businesses, music performances, adoptable animals and children’s activities!

8. You go home full, happy and content with life. You may not be able to eat for the next few days, but it’s worth it to sample every vegan restaurant’s finest all in one afternoon.A few things to watch out for:

1. It’s LA, so it’s not surprising that parking is a hassle. My friends and I arrived 25 minutes early to find that most spaces were already taken on the available side streets. If you can’t find parking, park farther down and Uber or Lyft your way in.

2. You will get sunburnt if you don’t wear sunscreen! Protect your skin! Always!

Have fun and eat your heart out.

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