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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

If you’ve had a Yik Yak account in the past month, you’ve probably witnessed the great Herpes scare. This was a terrifying rumor about a certain STD spreading like wildfire among the dorms. Gossip aside, reproductive safety is something that should warrant caution and awareness, especially while living here at Cal Lutheran.

The stigma of purchasing condoms in a public place is a problem that arises for sexually active adults. Some may find it embarrassing to buy condoms at a store in town and would prefer not to. Others may find the process of selection to be confusing. Problems such as transportation, cost, or lack of time to purchase these items may result in going without any form of contraception. The staff and students at our school have provided resources in many different halls, buildings, and forums so that any student can find these resources.

First and foremost, Health Services has always been an institution for sexual health needs on campus. Under the Health Services page on the CLU website, they are stated to offer “annual women’s health exams, pregnancy testing, contraception, morning after treatment, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.” Some of these services, such as condoms, are free; however, items or kits, such as pregnancy tests, come at a minimal cost. For more information about the hours of operation and costs, check out their webpage.

In addition to Health Services, CLU students are making an active effort to offer free resources to all students who want it in untraditional and creative ways. In Clef, RAs, such as Elizabet, are open to students coming to them if they are in need of condoms. Displays, such as the pacman poster covered with condoms, made by the Pederson RA, Dannie Chavez, offer free condoms for any student who walks by. In addition to that, the Swenson building offers a condom display on the door by the restrooms. This door has condoms taped to it, along with the condom use information in a small envelope. This provides an environment with little to no discomfort in claiming free contraception.

All of these displays have been generating buzz on campus; however, the most popular advertisement for contraception lately has been the “Netflix and Chill” posters decorating Mt. Clef and Pederson halls. Small posters that resemble condom wrappers in bright packaging encouraged freshmen to come to the Clef Plounge on October 7th for an RA activity. The event was packed with freshmen from various halls as they came together for food and a game of trivia about sexual wellness. The questions ranged from “Sex at CLU,” which talked about services that students could find around campus, to various information about common misconceptions about contraception, STDs, and consent. This program stems from the Title IX mandate that requires RA’s to provide their residents with information to promote sexual safety and consent on campus. At the end of the activity, the winning team, which happened to be the boys team, were awarded snack coupons for their corresponding hall’s candy counter. Each person in attendance was given the option of taking condoms and lubrication. Pamphlets were also offered with topics on consent, STDs, and where to locate more services.Never put your sexual safety at risk. Cal Lutheran offers many resources, from peers to Health Services, that provide everything that you need to protect you and your partner. 

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