A Little Light in These Dark Times

Quarantine has been hard for everyone, there is no denying this. And, I think that it’s safe to say that we’re all extremely over it and ready to move on with our lives. It feels like everything has been at a standstill for almost 7 months. At this point, it’s almost inevitable that everyone has dealt with depression in one way or another. But what about those that were already struggling with depression beforehand and now have to deal with this on top of it? It’s really hard, let me tell you. The last seven months have caused me to spiral more than I ever thought possible, and I know it’ll keep happening. However, I have found a few ways to help combat depression, even for a little while, and I think my methods can help others too.

First off, not being able to be around friends is really hard, especially the ones that I’ve made at Cal Lu, since so many of them live so far away. A solution that my friends and I found was a weekly facetime. We do the things we usually do together, gossip, talk about life and boys, and chill on our phones, but we do it while seeing one another. Being connected in that way, even through a phone or computer, makes us feel like we’re together, even if we aren’t. It also gives a chance to catch up on the important things in life, the ones that a text just won’t suffice.

zoom call with friends Photo by Gabriel Benois from Unsplash

Something else I’ve done is adventure into new places. While there are restrictions because of Covid, there is still adventure waiting out there. Personally, I am sick of driving. At the start of this, everyone was like “if you’re feeling cooped up, go for a drive.” I feel cooped up every single day that I’m stuck in my house and not out living my life, so driving has become a chore for me. So, while I still go driving, I don’t go with a set place in mind. I just drive until I feel like stopping, I get out and stretch my legs, explore a little bit (if the area is safe) and then I get back in my car and leave. For me, the beach is where I go to cheer up and clear my head, meaning most of my little adventures lead me to the beach. I’ve been playing with the idea of exploring the mountains a bit next, but that is out of my comfort zone so that’s a maybe. Wherever I end up, I usually feel a lot better afterwards.

The last thing I try to do is focus on me. Not focus on the world around me or things that are happening, but on centering myself and breathing. Some days, it is really hard to get out of bed and join my Zooms for class. Or to get up and go to work still. It’s all work and no play and it is hard on my mental health. For years, I have meditated to help my mental health and even in quarantine, I do it too. I leave all my electronics in the house and I head out into the sun, I close my eyes, and I just breathe and exist. It is so hard right now to get through everything, but when I do this, life seems a little bit more manageable.

Sun shining from behind clouds Pixabay

Always remember, that no matter how bad everything seems right now, it will get better. We are all so loved, and we have so much life to live. Even though we’re missing out now, we’ll make even better memories in the near future to make up for lost time. Personally, I can’t wait for what the future has in store. And as long as I think about that, I can handle anything this depression throws at me.