Life at Cal Lutheran: Things Only Cal Lu Students Will Understand

If you’ve done or understand any of these things, you’re probably an undergrad at Cal Lutheran! 

1. Taking a photo by Gumby at the beginning of every single year, including on the campus tour you took before your first year even started. 

                                                                        *Gif courtesy of Giphy*


2. Having an incredibly difficult time getting community college and AP credits to transfer over onto your transcript. 

                                                                         *Gif courtesy of Giphy*


3. Having Chris Kimball spoon tater tots into your hand during the first night of finals. 

                                                                         *Gif courtesy of Giphy*

4. Avoiding every possible interaction with tablers on the spine.

                                                                         *Gif courtesy of Giphy*

5. Standing in line for close to an hour for a bagel from Starbucks.*

*note-This is typically NOT the barista’s fault. Be nice, ya filthy animals! 


6. Never knowing exactly how long your GrubHub order will take, even though the wait time is supposed to be accurate.  


7. Having to cut through SBET in order to dodge the construction of the new science building. 


8. Running into an ex LITERALLY everywhere because the campus is small and you have nowhere else to go. 


9. Fighting for the last parking spot after circling the lot for close to 20 minutes. 




11. Random power outages during Fall Semester. 


12. The sound of frogs croaking at night during spring semester. 


13. Spending an hour in the bathroom after eating at Ullman Commons. 


14. Religiously refreshing your Snapchat for party addresses as a first-year.


15. Having your inbox blown up by Lenten Devotion before Easter.  


16. Jumping over people for the candy Pastor Scott throws at football games.


17. Never knowing where exactly to tell the pizza guy to drop off your food.  


But ultimately (on a more serious note)… 

18. Understanding what true RESILIENCE means and being a part of the strongest community we all know, Thousand Oaks! 


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