Just a Bunch of Midterm Hocus Pocus

Endless midterms, projects and essays have recently left us all wondering who lit the black flame candle and brought the witches of academics back to Cal Lutheran for a spell. Hopefully we’ll soon come back from the dead, but for now, things have felt as if the Sanderson Sisters came and sucked the life out of us. What would it look like if they were around for midterms?

1. If Winifred was handed a list of as many assignments as some of us have recently had, she would probably have an expression along these lines. (Tumblr)

2. We all have a friend like Mary when everyone is awake at 2 AM with a million things to do before class in the morning: (Popsugar)

3. Studying at Starbucks, we try to take in the energizing smell of coffee to get through the next few agonizing hours. The Sandersons would just use children instead. (Perez Hilton)

4. If you happen to have finished midterms and projects early, you happen to get a slough of complaints from others, only thinking: (Tumblr)

5. Students always try to convince teachers to delay due dates, often with little success. The Sandersons could just put a spell on them.(Tumblr)

6. Professors always give extra assignments at just the right time, adding fuel to the fire.(Tumblr)

7. The fates when we procrastinate:(Tumblr

8. Through it all, students just look around in disbelief.(Tumblr

9. We walk into our first exams with determination.(Tumblr

10. Starting the test, we try to give ourselves a little bit of self-talk.(Tumblr)

11. Sometimes we get an A without studying…(Tumblr)

12. … And other times we fail miserably.(Popsugar

13. Some people never study at all and automatically get an A, and we usually loathe them for it. (Giphy)

14. When it’s all over, we're like the Sanderson sisters thinking they're dead, until slowly coming back to reality. (Tumblr)

15. The students who literally do not care throughout any of it:(Defymedia)