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How to Make Sure You Don’t Fall Behind This Season

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‘Tis the season where our motivation and GPA are falling with the leaves. As much as we’d love for everything to be pumpkin spice and everything nice,  our professors most likely have a different idea. The doom of spending hours completing assignments, studying for tests and finishing projects can cast a spell on anyone’s holiday cheer and unfortunately, may be a huge obstacle in the way of us participating in our favorite seasonal activities. It’s sometimes difficult to manage time between getting festive and being productive, but here’s a secret: you can do both these things at once! Organizing study dates with a group of friends or classmates is already a great way to keep you motivated. But who says these have to be ordinary study sessions? There are many creative ways to incorporate  some of our favorite holiday treats and activities by creating fun and seasonal themes! This may not be the best decision for work that involves heavy concentration, but could certainly be a solution to get the boring busy work out of the way! Here are some ideas on themed study sessions from now until finals in December. TIP: you can do this in your dorm room, a residence hall lounge or a Student Union study room.

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“Feelin’ Ghould”  

  • Bring out the cozy blankets and (Halloween) pajamas!
  • Have Halloween cookies, popcorn and candy corn and drinks  
  • Do some homework for 1-2 hours
  • Watch one or a few of your favorite Halloween movies while finished with homework, or during homework with the movie on in the background!

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Pumpkins, pizza and party

  • Either make it BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) OR… Go to the pumpkin patch with friends before studying and each pick out a pumpkin
  • Order pizza
  • Study for a couple hours together
  • Carve and decorate the pumpkins together when finished

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LEAVE some time for tea

  • Set up some cute fall decorations (if you haven’t already)
  • Serve seasonal flavors of coffee or tea, hot chocolate or cider!
  • Make pumpkin bread, pie or a favorite seasonal recipe!  
  • While the food is baking you can study,
  • When it’s done you can eat it while you study!

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Dia de los Muertos: This is a colorful and meaningful holiday that originates in Mexico! Why not have a Mexican themed study session?

  • Serve your favorite Mexican dishes (or order them and carry out)
  • Study for a couple hours
  • Watch the adorable Disney movie, Coco.

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Tis the Sea-sun

  • Study until an hour before sunset
  • Drive to a local beach and watch the sunset
  • Come back and study a little more
  • Bring blankets and roast marshmallows at Jacks Corner

Friendsgiving Feast

  • Organize a potluck
  • Feast on delicious food
  • Study for about 2 hours
  • Then watch a movie while eating desserts

Never too early!  

Sometimes the approaching holiday season can give us hope and motivation like nothing else. Who says it’s too early to blast Christmas music ? When you’re in college, you have to take advantage of any motivation you can get.

  • Decorate the room in lights and put up a Christmas tree
  • Do some festive DIY projects
  • Study while listening to Christmas music
  • Bake and decorate Christmas cookies as a reward for studying

Eat, drink & be merry!  

  • Potluck food and drinks
  • Study after eating food
  • Go out and see Christmas lights nearby  
  • Come back and study a little more
  • Eat dessert and drink hot chocolate while watching your favorite holiday movies!
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