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How to Break Out of the Mid-Semester Slump

It’s that time of year again: Where a week may pass by with school, work, studying, projects, more studying and an occasional night of sleep. Waking up just makes you want to get back into bed and any effort feels like too much effort. Welcome to the mid-semester slump.

Need a way to escape reality before Spring Break? Here’s how:

1. Experience a work-out in a new way. Are you dedicated to the gym? Try a hike. An avid biker? Go for a swim. Even if you only shake it up for a day, it will refresh you to try something different.

2. Do your homework somewhere new, whether in a cafe, outside or in a different building. The new surroundings will feel good.

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3. Clean your room, organize your desk, or sort your closet. It’s not the best time, but afterwards you will feel less stressed and more ready to take on that ten page paper.

4. Hang out with somebody new. This is way easier said than done. You probably see only the same group of people regularly without even realizing it. Look for new perspectives and excitement! Ask your coworker, friend down the hall, or girl in your Spanish class to hang and see what happens.

5. Go somewhere you’ve never been. While you may already be gearing up for your next trip, in the meantime take a day and find a new place to explore.

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6. Remember that you’re almost there! Summer is just around the corner, and Spring Break is even sooner. Study hard and make us proud, because you’ve got this!

My name is Samantha Meyer, but most people call me Sam. I'm a freshman at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. I'm an Interdisciplinary Studies Major, and I hope to teach first grade, become a principal, and write novels. I have a high school background in journalistic writing and photography. You can find me at your nearest Trader Joes or coffee shop, catching up on world news, Cosmo's snap story or just snacking on some quality fruits.
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