The Gym and Me

         I absolutely love working out! Don’t be fooled; it has not always been that way. I played three sports throughout high school, but since I didn’t continue that once I started college it was extremely difficult for me to get myself to work out and even more so for me to do it consistently. While it may seem like it, I am not here to convince you to go to the gym; I just want to share why I love going and the benefits that I have found from doing so.

          Obviously, there are the physical benefits of going to the gym. You become fitter, stronger, leaner, and it increases your endurance. These are definitely the reasons that I began going to the gym and really all I expected to get out of doing so. However, there are so many hidden benefits that I am grateful to have gained and excited to share.

                                                                        Photo courtesy of Pixabay

         Throughout this summer, I have found that the most overwhelming benefit is my new mentality. I have found that going to the gym has allowed me to become more confident in myself. I feel better about who I am and the life I live, which I owe to the gym. The gym is also a great way to help you visualize goals! I set so many goals for myself in the gym, every day; I have a goal to squat more weight or do more reps and these goals have a straightforward path to achieving them. By reaching these goals in the gym, I have been able to set goals in my life and figure out the straightforward path and organize the steps I need to take, which is a big skill in college.

         I believe that the gym has also heightened my emotions. By that, I mean that I have a new appreciation for so many things. I feel that the gym has pushed my body so much farther than I had imagined that I now see so many things differently and I feel my emotions much deeper and it has changed my life. I have pushed myself through so many physical limits and because of the boundaries that I have surpassed in the gym, I have started to push myself emotionally and mentally as well. My mindset has changed completely due to going to the gym. I now see limits and boundaries as things to push through and overcome!

         Another benefit I have found from making time to go to the gym is not limited to the gym alone. I have found that having a routine throughout the week has made me happier in college as well. Working out is something that I really enjoy doing and making sure that I have the time in my day to do so honestly keeps me sane. I believe that in college it is so important to make sure to take time for yourself within every day, because it does get hectic and the days get away from you. Making sure that you do one thing that makes you happy is a lifesaver. While for me, this has been going to the gym, a few others things I have enjoyed that bring me happiness and self care are: doing yoga, making appreciation lists, and being outside more often than not.

                                                                               Photo courtesy of author

         I hope that after reading this you are able to look at the gym differently and can find something that makes you happy! We all need a little uplifting activity that fits into our schedules this semester! Make sure to take care of yourself so you can thrive this year!