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As I write this, I still cannot fathom that this is my last article for Her Campus, nor that my final week as a student at Cal Lutheran is just upon me. It feels like just yesterday I was touring the campus and finally felt like I had been to a college that felt like home to me. Granted, I am a transfer student who only truly spent one entire school year on campus, but I still feel so attached to this university because of how much it gave me. The experiences, the friendships, and the unbelievable knowledge I’m going to walk away with have left me so full of love, pride, and joy that I feel satisfied with what I was able to accomplish during my short time here as a student. I felt that it was necessary to make my final article a personal thank you note, to everyone at Cal Lutheran who made my time worthwhile and truly made me feel prepared to enter the “real world” of adulting.

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First, I obviously have to thank my roommate, Shay. She has been the coolest person I’ve ever met on campus and I genuinely could not have asked for a better person to spend my two semesters on campus with. She made living during a pandemic so much fun and the number of movies we watched together made the semester just fly by. We also share the same sense of humor which is always great because mine tends to be a bit…on the dark side to put it lightly.

Next, I have to thank the entire CLU Echo staff. From Lexi Ibarra to Isabella Breda to both Dr. H’s…I would not be the reporter or journalist that I am without having been a part of the course or having the chance to write articles as a freelance writer. My journalism skills have increased immensely because of the opportunities that the Echo provided and I felt so honored to be a part of such an amazing and talented crew and the opportunities that being a part of this staff brought me were amazing. I was actually given the chance to work on a magazine on campus with all of the experience I gained from the Echo. I also have to give a HUGE shoutout to Spencer Fischer, my iCLU radio professor because without his help and his class, I wouldn’t have the confidence I do now to produce my own sports podcast or even feel comfortable with taking Coach DiMuro’s offer of being the commentator for the live stream of the Regal Basketball games. 

And on that note, I have to thank Coach K, Kelli DiMuro, for the opportunity of a lifetime. She let me commentate 4 different home games for the Regals this semester since they were being broadcasted onto a live stream and I cannot thank her enough for the experience and I am so much more confident in myself as a broadcaster because of it.

Finally, I have to thank the admissions office for accepting me into the university. I mean without them, I wouldn’t be here, writing this final article and I wouldn’t have had all of these amazing opportunities that have shaped me into the broadcaster that I am today. I also have to thank Rosie and Sophia for everything they’ve done when it comes to our chapter or Her Campus because these articles and this experience has been amazing and made it feel like I was still involved with CLU even from home my first semester of my senior year.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me, and I cannot thank Cal Lutheran enough for everything it has given me.

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Ariana Salinas

Cal Lutheran '25

Student at Cal Lutheran University majoring in Sports Communications. Aspiring sideline reporter with a passion for journalism, art, and fashion.
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