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Most of us will have capstones in our senior year and some poor, unfortunate souls will have to take theirs earlier than expected. But one of the coolest capstones is in the Theatre Department, where students have the opportunity to direct and write their own plays. Everyone knows about Improv, but we should all come out and support the “Don’t Look” production from March 15 to March 18. 

“Don’t Look” consists of nine 10-minute plays and six out of the nine are student written. All nine are directed by CLU Theatre Seniors, and are a mix of comedy and drama. Come by the CLU Theatre Blackbox on March 15th, 16th, and 17th at 8 p.m., or on March 18th at 2 p.m. Admission is free for students!Bake Off, which is pictured above is directed by Danika Elvine and Chris Clyne, and features a clash between two bakers. Last year, the largest cash prize in “Bake Off” history was awarded to a man, and this year, one female contestant is making sure that the male entrants get their just desserts.  

Another one of the shows is Busting Through the Fourth Wall, directed by Olivia Leyva and Fernando Vasquez. The two characters, Josh and Ryan, become self-aware and attempt to free themselves of their theatrical existence in hopes of becoming a part of our reality. 

Brooke St. Johns directs Apollo & Athena which is about two college students who meet in interesting circumstances and ultimately fall in love. Their love story may not be perfect, but they are meant to be.

Mandated Reporter is about an elementary schooler who gets scolded by his teacher, which turns into a conversation about parenting. Mandated Reporter is directed by Libby Baumgartner.

As college students we can relate to the fellow unfortunate souls who are in serious need of money. Sympathize with a drummer in Drumming Up Money, who’s desperate to save his drum line and his public image. He gets his friends together to find a way to save them– things get interesting when dancing seems like the only way. Directed by Krystany Taylor. A sneak peak of what you’ll see in Kill Me, Please! is shown in the picture above. This is directed by Kyle Poppert. A young woman waits for an infamous and dangerous character as she sits alone on a park bench in the dark. The interaction between the two characters takes an unexpected turn and ends with a connection neither of them expected.

Don’t Hang Up is directed by Christine Dauzat. This play is about a high school cheerleader who is going to be admitted into an eating disorder facility, and in efforts to end her life, calls an unusual product hotline to receive help.

Dylan Iannolo directs Ice Cream, which is about a man who enters the afterlife– apparently nothing but an ice cream shop. Even though he is no longer tied down to his strings he still tries to piece together his previous life and what he should do now.

Between death and afterlife there is a bridge which is seen in Tape, directed by Mahyar Mirzazdeh. At this bridge, one must go through a set of different “interrogations.”

Come see these plays and support your seniors in their last semester at Cal Lutheran!

Kyla Buenaventura

Cal Lutheran '19

Kyla Buenaventura was the Writing Director and Senior Editor for Her Campus at Cal Lutheran from 2017-2019. She double majored in Economics and Political Science with an emphasis in Law and Public Policy. When she was still at Cal Lutheran, she loved writing and inspiring her Writing Team to express their love and passion for topics through their own unique writing styles. 
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