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Since the beginning of time, there have been stories of beings and ideas that are beyond this plane of reality. They talk about reincarnation, the Pleiadians, spirit guides, and spiritual awakenings. These are stories about connections to something beyond human comprehension. You may have woken up one day and seen repeating numbers such as 111 or 000. Perhaps you see things that others don’t, like flashing lights or shadows. Maybe you can predict things that have not happened yet. All of these are related to spirituality: a multifaceted concept that involves the full potential of the self. It is not a religion, but a way of life.

The beautiful thing about spirituality is that there is no perfect way to practice; there are no rules nor guidelines nor overseers determining boundaries. Spirituality is completely dependent on your self-expression, potential, and willingness to create change in yourself. These are just some beginner tips and practices that spiritualists often like to use. 

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1. Journaling!

Your spiritual journey is about inner reflection, and the most powerful tool we have at our disposal is writing. Start journaling! Write down everything you feel and learn, and write letters to the Universe. Writing helps you manifest and engage in shadow work, which identifies your negative emotions and digs down into the root of them. 

It’s a way to resolve past grudges and anything else that may be burdening you. Self-improvement and confronting certain emotions take time and healing. You don’t have to force yourself to be ready for that to continue a spiritual practice. Like I said: No rules!

Manifestation is also something that powerfully resonates with our words. When I said to write letters to the Universe, that’s actually you calling things into existence. Use the present tense and say “I am…” instead of “I will…”. It is about visualizing your full capabilities. Trust me, it works. All of the things we call into existence eventually do find their way to us.

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2. Research … Lots of Research 

Since spirituality is unique to every person, it is important to do your own research. Angel numbers like 111 or 000 are recurring indicators of turning points in your life and may offer messages of spiritual guidance. You might check the time and see 4:44 or you’re driving and see a license plate with 333 on it. They’re reminders that we have spirit guides in our corner, whether we see them as angels or deceased family members.

Another thing to look into is vibrational frequencies and forms of meditation! Spiritual practices use frequencies in order to align the energy centers of our body. They’re meant to work with your energy field and provide states of emotional calm and healing. They also come in handy when meditating and can be used in tandem with forms of meditation such as chakra or zen meditation. 

Learning about what practices suit you is important because it helps form a more well-rounded practice that is truly made for you. 

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3. Crystals and Tarot

Spirituality can also rely on crystals and tarot that are welcome in a person’s practice if they feel attracted to them. Crystals, for example, are found in other spiritual practices like Hinduism and Buddhism and are thought to aid in physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. 

I have a decent collection at hand; I wear opalite for emotion regulation and amethyst for intuition and groundedness. I also have carnelian, malachite, amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, blue kyanite, and selenite. That’s a lot, right? But every stone has its purpose and meaning to every person.

Some of the stores I go to for my metaphysical needs are Journey Home and Mockingbird Moon. They have jewelry, crystals, incense, and anything you can imagine for your spiritual journey. When choosing your crystals, I wouldn’t suggest doing research until after you pick them. I feel you choose best when you enter with a clear mind and choose what you’re attracted to. Don’t forget to cleanse them, by the way. Incense, sunlight, salt, or your own energy are good cleansers. Again, do your research and you’ll find the perfect match for you.

Tarot cards are the same way; they tell stories about our lives and our triumphs or challenges, but they don’t tell us the future. They can talk about you, another person, or a general issue you may be experiencing. It is a language of its own that is unique to every person. You can use the deck’s booklet for guidance, others rely on intuition, or others rely on the symbolism of the cards. Not to mention, you also have different ways to shuffle that include layouts or other techniques.

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Spirituality is unique to every person and sometimes it’s not a perfect match for everyone. But despite all the words and vocabulary you’ve read throughout this article, I hope you see the strength and self-empowerment that you can find within a spiritual practice. Spirituality is completely dependent on you and can help you realize that your future is written by you and only you. You have the power here, and in an era that is full of messes and chaos, there’s nothing more positive than that.

Sophia Cruz Ponce

Cal Lutheran '23

Hi! My name is Sophia and I'm sassy, classy, and a Political Science major set to graduate in 2023.
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