The Benefits of Gardening

Coming from Bakersfield, where the summers are incredibly hot and winters bring frost, having a vegetable has always seemed an impossibility. My family has simply stuck with flowers we can get to survive, even if just for short periods of time, and sturdy plants able to handle the weather. No matter what you are growing, or wherever you are, gardening can be very rewarding. Here are some great reasons to start, whether by volunteering in the SEEd Garden, the satellite at Thompson, or at your house over summer.

  1. Brighten up your environment: The best thing about gardening is adding color to an area, making it inviting and enjoyable.Photo courtesy of Pexels
  2. A chance to be outdoors: Gardening is an excellent chance to catch some sunshine, while still being productive.
  3. Tasty, fresh foods: Although you may not be an expert on growing herbs, vegetables, or even fruits, you can always buy cheap seeds and see what grows! It’s pretty exciting when stuff comes, no matter how much or little.
  4. Stress relief: A garden is an area that you can have control over, seeing growth and filling the world with color. Gardening is an excellent way to release stress and exert energy toward something positive.
  5. Flowers to pick: Rather than buying flowers, you can go right outside and pick a few to brighten up your home!
  6. Time with family or friends: Since I was a little kid, I have worked with my mom or grandparents in the garden. It is an excellent way to offer up your help and have fun together.
  7. Getting your hands dirty: As we get older, especially as students often stuck in classrooms at a desk, digging in the dirt is a good change of pace that almost makes you feel like a little kid again, connected to the earth and your roots.Photo courtesy of Pexels
  8. Supporting the community: If you help in a program such as the SEEd Garden, you are serving the community. Look for programs here such as the Ventura County FOOD Share locally or back home that give back to the community. 

So, give gardening a shot!

Cover photo coutesy of Pexels