To Be a Woman

Being a woman means a lot of things to a lot of people. It even means a lot of things to me. Over the years, I’ve had to become tough because I am a woman, and I’m sure this is true for many people. We have to deal with a constant fear that something is going to happen to us; when we're out, when we're at home, and even online. I can't even begin to get into the stories that I’ve heard from my friends. 

But that doesn’t mean we are not powerful. Being a woman means to be powerful. We have power in being who we are and we should embrace it. We should speak out and speak up. For far too long we have just let things happen to us and have rarely done anything to make a change. As of late, I’ve seen more change. I've seen my friends and my family standing up for themselves, which brings me so much joy. I've even been standing up for myself. 

Crowd of women, one holding a sign that says Via Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash

Being a woman means to be beautiful. Every woman out there is beautiful and you cannot tell me any different. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing women drag down other women by attacking their appearance because every woman is beautiful in their own way. Compliment others, don’t bring them down. As women, we have to stand together. 

Being a woman means to be smart. Ladies, all of you out there are so smart and that is why we deserve more. As females, we develop faster and we learn quicker. We deserve the recognition that we do not get for being as smart and resourceful as we are. Far too often women try to play dumb because they think that it will make them more attractive to guys. But I disagree so heavily. Intelligence is attractive and if a guy tells you otherwise, then he is wrong. 

women fists raised in air Original Illustration by Gina Escandon for Her Campus Media

Being a woman means being happy. Being a woman means being athletic. Being a woman means being wise. Being a woman means being important. Because you are important and you are loved. Tell a woman in your life that you love them this International Women’s Day. Make sure they know they are important.