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With the midterm season coming to a close, most of us have really learned where we stand in our classes. Our grades have been halfway determined, and it is now a great time to reflect on the things that worked for us and what did not. Maybe you simply did just not try and were just hit with a rude awakening to get together. However, some of us have simply found out that we just do not understand the material or the course as well as we thought we did. In this article, I will be sharing what can now be done to fix this grade. These tips are all easy adjustments that can help anyone, even those who aced this first half. 

Talk To Your Professor

Every professor hosts office hours and so many students never take advantage. I often hear people say that they are intimidated to talk to their professors or unsure of what to ask their professors, but I promise you that reaching out can change so much for you in a class. I had a professor whose office hours I went to and simply said “I am so confused in your class. I have no idea what we are doing,” and he went over everything with me. By reaching out to them, you are teaching them what they can do better and showing them you actually care about their class which will make them want to help you more. They can also offer you new resources to better assist you in your studies, like their department assistants, YouTube tutorials, and sites that will guide you through different readings. Asking questions does not make you seem dumb but continuing to do things wrong (when there’s help available) is.

Change Your Study Environment

Where someone chooses to study is entirely subjective because we all have different needs when studying. For some, they need complete silence and isolation, some need light noises in the background, and others may thrive in chaos. There are simple adjustments we can make like the physical space we are in, or when studying at home, we can add a candle and grab a beverage to make the space more comfortable. Wherever it is you choose to study, make your space comfortable and functional for your academic needs. 

Make Friends in the Class

This step might seem incredibly simple, but I truly believe it makes all the difference in school. By having friends in class, you have someone to complain (or compliment) about the class to and someone who understands exactly what you are experiencing. It is an extra set of eyes on the lecture slides and someone who may grasp the concepts easier than you. They can also just be someone who you genuinely enjoy being around even outside the classroom and a friendly face around campus. 

School really changed for me the second I started doing these few steps. It became a more enjoyable environment and something that I could actually look forward to. It is so important to feel comfortable in your classes because of how much time we dedicate to them. Whether you aced all your midterms or slipped up, take the time to enjoy yourself and decompress a bit. Pat yourself on the back because it is over and we will not have to take or think about another until the spring semester. A grade never will be a definition of who you are, merely just what you could do with a given set of circumstances. Best of luck finishing off this semester and heading into spring!

xthlali nunez

Cal Lutheran '23

Hi, I'm Xthlali, most people call me Lali. I am a senior philosophy major and have hopes of attending law school. I run sprints for the Track & Field team here at Cal Lutheran. Some of my hobbies outside of campus include rewatching my comfort shows and journaling.