How To Actually Keep Your New Year’s Workout Resolution

It seems as though after the ball drops in a haze of champagne and glitter, so must our weight. Suddenly all of those delicious Christmas cookies, extra slices of pizza and late-night Nutella binges induce pangs of regret as everyone starts saying those three, annoying words: New Year’s resolutions.

Amidst the lingering, random Santa figurines, holiday makeup gift sets and half-off sweets, stores are now full of shiny new athletic clothing--taunting you to get in shape.

Can you still wear them if you just want to look cute sitting on the couch?

Gyms are lined with all sorts of people eager for beach-ready bodies…until Feb. 1. 

New Year’s is about new beginnings, a clean slate, which sounds very poetic and appealing. Yet New Year’s resolutions can be cringe-worthy because halfway through January, most people give up and are over the pressure--or just really want to eat carbs with no regrets.
Being healthy does not have to be strict or boring. Everyone knows that working out releases endorphins, which make you happy. Thanks Elle Woods!

Cabrini offers a variety of fun and free fitness classes that will have you feeling sexy and zen in no time!

What’s better than working out and dancing? Zumba is a fun way to stay in shape without even realizing you are exercising! Bri Morrell, junior digital communication and social media major, taught Zumba classes last semester.

“Zumba is actually a really great way for people who don't like routinely going to the gym and don't like that feeling of working out, to have fun and get fit,” Morell said. “I really do believe Zumba has changed people's lives who commit to it and it gives great results.”

The upbeat classes will have you shaking stress away and feeling like Shakira!

“My favorite part of teaching is that it's basically my own business now. I have people contacting me asking me to teach and do events for them because I'm a local teacher,” Morrell said. “I really do enjoy seeing people have fun during my classes and it's so rewarding to have people come up to you after a class thanking you and saying how great it was.”

This semester, Shannon Roe will be teaching Zumba classes from 6 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

Dancing releases stress, while another way to relax and exercise is yoga. College is stressful, but you can zen out and relax during yoga classes, taught by Linda Shikitino.

This year, it’s all about feeling good and having fun. Do what you love! Take advantage of these great fitness classes. If you can’t make it to classes, listen to your favorite music on the treadmill (you don’t need a reason to blast Cake By The Ocean by DNCE), walk into town or grab your friends and do a Zumba routine on YouTube. Whatever you do, make the exercise work for you and you won’t even feel like it’s working out!

If you need a little motivation, Ryan Gosling believes in you!