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What is The Hot Girl Walk?

I am a huge proponent of “the hot girl walk”, and I’m here today to spread the word. TikTok user @exactlyliketheothergirls (her real name is Mia), coined the term back in spring of last year. The hot girl walk is a daily, 4 mile, meditative walk to practice positive thinking and promote a healthy lifestyle. The most important part of the hot girl walk has nothing to do with cardio, toning, or losing weight. Instead the hot girl walk is meant to transform the way you think about yourself, with its only rule being that you are only allowed to think about how hot/amazing/accomplished you are. The walk forces you to push out negative and intrusive thoughts, as well as focus on things in your day that bring you gratitude. As someone who really struggles with a negative thought pattern, the hot girl walk, which I have been perfecting since April, has completely changed the way I see myself and think about things. Pretty much any problem my in life becomes trivial once I’ve completed my daily hot girl walk.

There have been countless studies on the benefits of walking everyday, some of which include: reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, alleviating depression, bettering quality of sleep, improving posture, increasing circulation, and more. A Stanford University study even found that walking daily dramatically increases a person’s creativity. Another study found that walking directly correlated with joy, confidence, and alertness. With all of this evidence it’s no wonder the hot girl walk is becoming so increasingly popular. So join us! Let’s admit, Charleston is a perfect city for hot girl walking and the George Street Fitness Center’s AC is nowhere near being fixed. 

Check out @MiaLind on Spotify for the official hot girl walk playlist. Happy walking! 

Hi, I'm Piper, a second year student at the College of Charleston. I love hiking the Palmetto Trail with my dogs, enjoying Chucktown's good eats, and discovering new music.
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