What to Expect When Taking 18 Credit Hours

Everyone’s goal in college is to hopefully graduate on time with an acceptable GPA. However, that isn’t always possible. I thought it’d be a grand ole idea to take 18 credit hours to ensure I reached this goal. Let me explain what responsibilities and results come along with this choice. Feel free to laugh at my stupidity while reading this since that’s what I had to do. 

Get ready to not go out

Prioritizing school work makes going out difficult, and going out during a weekday is as rare as the lottery.  Something I’ve been getting a lot this year from my friends is “Is everything okay? What’s happened to you?” or “Where have you been?”, and for all of you wondering, I AM ALIVE. I’m drowning in schoolwork but still here, trying to thrive. It’s not my choice to be insanely unsocial. I just need to pass my classes since they’re expensive and kind of the reason why I am in college. 

The library is your home away from home

Addlestone Library is already sad. Now, imagine considering it a home away from home? Not exciting. It’s lame when you get excited over sitting in a certain spot in the library to stay in for the rest of the day, like a window table on the second floor. The real ones will know what I’m talking about. 

Feel burned out by midterms 

I feel like I’ve given school all I got, and I’m only a Junior. After midterms, my grades usually drop for a little, and finals are lurking around the corner giving the whole school anxiety. I rely on motivational speeches on YouTube that are meant to hype up athletes before a game (The Miracle speech works every time). It’s around this time when the limits are pushed for how enthusiastic you can get about staying in college. Maybe dropping out isn't such a bad idea? Save yourself the worry and don’t sign up for 18 credit hours. 

Pack meals every day

I live 2 minutes off campus and still pack an infinite amount of salty and sweet snacks/meals for my day. Once I’m in my house and see my bed and TV in my room, there’s no turning back. I will stay unproductive all day, and the only way to avoid that is to avoid my whole house. This means packing breakfast, lunch, and at least 5 snacks for my day on the go. 

Things that you wouldn't have considered become rewards

Whenever I work really hard on a task or assignment I give myself a reward. A less packed schedule would mean better rewards like a Netflix binge or a long nap. These days going to the gym is a reward, along with allowing myself to work on less grueling assignments I would normally save until the end of my library day. Even cleaning my house has turned into a privilege as opposed to studying. Yep, college will do that to you. 


Okay, I can’t give all the negatives of having an 18 credit hour schedule without giving a few positives I’ve appreciated from my experience. Being busy all the time isn’t a terrible thing, I became very focused on my studies and received the best GPA I’ve ever had in college. My teachers loved me and I became very serious about plans in regards with my future. My tight-knit schedule led me to eat and work out regularly throughout the week. Lastly, I truly appreciate and look forward to the less grueling schedule I have chosen for myself this upcoming semester and I am more grateful for social time than ever before. 

I hope you can see the negatives and positives that come with an 18 credit hour schedule and will make an informed decision on which vibe you want to pursue this semester! Whichever way you choose to spend your upcoming semester, good luck and godspeed. Just remember, everyone around you is going through the same thing so it's always good to keep your friends close!