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So it’s become the weirdest time of year where we all gain an hour of sleep and move our clocks forward. This means a bunch of different things. First, our bodies are still adjusting to this time change. I’ve personally noticed this as I will wake up when my alarm clock goes off at 8am which is the current 7am. It just feels like I’m running out of fuel quicker even while trying to accomplish the simplest tasks. I’m drinking a lot more coffee, and overall just drained. I think this slump has to do with the combination of the semester kicking into overdrive as it begins to wrap up in addition to the time change that makes everything seem out of whack. It feels like there’s been a giant block placed in front of all the things I need to accomplish and I simply cannot get around it to the other side.  It really doesn’t help that my mental health has been on a steady decline. 

It’s just simply been one of those weeks where I’m reminded that I need to be kind to myself and know the limits of what I can handle on a day-to-day basis. This is definitely something that I’ve had to learn even if it’s as simple as saying “no”. I know for some this might be something they’ve always known how to do but not for me. I have always been the individual to say “yes” to taking on new tasks and being there for other people even if it comes at the cost of my mental wellbeing. In the past two-ish years, I’ve been learning to pick and choose my battles so I don’t get overwhelmed in all the other things that I’m having to do aside from my classes. Limiting the number of things I take on has drastically altered my outlook on life and given me more confidence when it comes to saying “no” to people.

Howdy! My name is Julia Brown, and I’m a senior studying Elementary Education with minors in Music and Sociology. In my free time, I like to listen to music, drink lots of coffee, and spot dogs on the street. I enjoy writing advice articles, music and movie reviews, and ways to make the most of your time on campus!