Loving Yourself Before You Can Love Others

I can definitely admit to being a people pleaser. In doing this, I've realized I tend to put everyone else before myself. Caring and doing things for other people is not a bad thing whatsoever, but it has its limitations.

I've realized that sometimes we tend to hide behind our own identity or people's expectations for us. I've grown to realize that the only thing you need to think about when considering other's opinions is how you treat them.

I stopped taking things to heart. Practice self-love isn't selfish! Take people's critiques and make it your motivation, but don't let people belittle you. Also, remember that if someone is trying to break you down, it may be because they are on their personal growth journey and could be struggling. Sometimes we have to cut people out of our lives who are doing damage. If you need to let go of this person who is doing more bad than good, here's your sign: do it.

I just went through a breakup that was really difficult to cope with. I didn't understand why it was so hard to love this person. Remember, your relationships and friendships should push you to love yourself more, not less. Through that time, I was extremely hard on myself. It may sound cliche, but it truly was a lesson. Heartbreak can make you grieve but it also eventually makes you grow ten times stronger. After the breakup, I was in a rut. I felt out of touch with reality. This is why it's so important to love yourself first. Be selfish sometimes, not selfless. It's okay to be sad, let yourself grieve, and then move forward. I found myself withholding from letting go. After you do this, you will realize the universe's plan for you is well worth the wait. It's important to be patient with your healing journey. Grieving has helped me learn to have resilience.

Take note of the people who help you feel confident. Be honest with yourself, and honor your experiences. Manifestation has been a huge reason for my self-growth. I'm grateful for what I've experienced and am putting positivity out into the universe. I stopped telling myself I couldn't do things. It's important to take inspiration from your peers, but to also be proud of your own accomplishments. Think about who challenges you, and who you know will help you move forward with your journey. Make yourself your first priority. What you do for yourself will affect how you face the world.