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Little Ways to Take Care of Yourself

The stress of busy school schedules and the rampant pandemic can make it difficult to remember the basics when it comes to staying healthy. I know some days I forget to eat between classes or don’t think about my health when I’m drowning in homework. That’s why I’ve made it my goal this semester to focus on little things that make my life run more smoothly.

Have a Fruit Bowl

This may sound a little strange at first, or at least it did to me. At home, I was so used to the fruit being in the fridge, where I would have to make it a point to go and grab it. But having fruit like a bag of clementines or apples sitting on the kitchen table has made me reach for fruit as a snack more often. Since it is sitting right in front of me it is almost like second nature. That, and if I’m sitting and talking with my friends or Zooming at the kitchen table then the snack is right there!

Take the Scenic Route

Since I’m not the kind of girl to really hit the gym, especially with COVID still in full swing, I like to go on walks (safely of course). If I am going to grab a coffee or a snack before an in-person class then I often take the longer route to Starbucks just to get those extra steps in. That, along with taking the stairs more often, has helped me reach my step goal even on my Zoom days. Also, who doesn’t like taking in the gorgeous surroundings in Charleston?

Get Some Sleep

As someone who has been a night owl all my life, I never thought that I would have an easy time getting up at 8 or 9 in the morning. Which for some may not be early, but when you go to sleep at 2 am most nights it can be a struggle. Though, recently I have found myself going to bed earlier and earlier. My freshman self would have called me an old lady, but I have never felt so lively at sunrise in my entire life. Maybe the whole sleep thing wasn’t a hoax after all.

Clean As You Go

I like to say that I’m a fairly clean person, and I would normally spend one afternoon a week cleaning the entire suite. But with my schedule being crazy recently, that hasn’t always been possible. So I’ve noticed that it is easier to just clean as much as I can while I go. Whenever I had a little free time, I could wipe down the counters or sweep the floor. This way the clutter and mess aren’t always weighing down on me, but also I know that I don’t need to make time to keep it that way.

Know Your Limits

I feel like this is something that everyone forgets. No one can just keep pushing themselves mentally and physically from 8 am until midnight every day and expect to be functioning by the end of it. Everyone has a different limit, some have lower limits than others, and that is okay. I know that personally, I hit a point in my day where I just can’t think straight anymore, and I shouldn’t need to reach that point to feel productive.

Giving yourself a break shouldn’t be something that is seen as something you should punish yourself over. Rather, having a break should be looked at as a way to recharge your battery so that you can always put your best foot forward.

Life can move extremely fast at times, and it may not always be the most fun. Treating your body with love and doing even the smallest things to benefit yourself can go a long way. Sure we all want to be productive all the time, but how are you supposed to do that if you forget to refuel yourself along the way. You don’t expect a car to make it the whole road trip on one tank of gas, so why should you be expected to complete life without taking care of yourself first?

She is a senior at the College of Charleston who is majoring in English. Some of her favorite things consist of books, painting, traveling, and musicals. She also loves drinking iced coffee while playing with her puppy Willow.
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