A Life You Love: 5 Small Ways to Improve Your Confidence

Between returning to classes, juggling friendships and dealing with crazy weather, it's easy for us to lose sight of the small important things in life. The biggest of those small things being ourselves. With a frenzy of craziness happening it's easy for us to start feeling down or get stuck in old routines. With Fall right around the corner, the promise of a new season also means the promise of change. So here are five easy and inexpensive ways to help boost your confidence, try something new, and feel awesome this Fall!


1. Switch Up Your Wardrobe

Now, this doesn't mean run to your favorite store and go on a shopping spree (though I'd never object to that). This simply just means try a different style of clothes. Maybe this means trying a more tomboyish style or going for a preppy type look and for those of us who don't really have a style, just switch up your garments to create a new outfit. That black skirt and white shirt ensemble are great together, but try adding a pop of color like a yellow top just to try something different. Your options are endless and switching up the way you dress is bound to surprise you and have you looking absolutely stunning on campus!

2. Try A Different Look

Accepting your natural self is the first step of improving your confidence, but some find that doing makeup is a great way to not only enhance their beauty but it's a really great outlet to explore your creativity. Some people find joy in going for a full glam look every day, but just applying a gloss or a little bit of mascara can be just as awesome! Even trying a different hairstyle can be a fun way to switch things up and explore different looks. Above all, it’s important to remember that everything is completely your choice and that you should only go as far as your heart wants to take you.

3. Take Care of Yourself More (I really mean it!)

You are the number one trusted source for ensuring you get everything that you need. While I'm more than confident that everyone is out there taking care of themselves on the daily, sometimes it's okay to go that extra mile and truly commit to yourself. It can seem difficult to fit in such a thing into an already busy schedule but trying little things such as setting aside time for a weekly face mask, painting your nails, starting a small skincare routine, or aiming for daily healthier eating options and eating regularly can really make all the difference.

4. Give Yourself Words of Affirmation Every Day

Whether it's certain features of yours you dislike or you're starting to feel undervalued, giving yourself words of affirmation every day can help combat those negative feelings. Take a few moments every day to look at yourself in the mirror and really look at yourself. Take that brief moment to focus on those negative feelings and then tell yourself positive things to combat them. Remind yourself every day that those features are what make you unique and you wouldn't really be you without them. Remind yourself every day that those feelings are temporary and that there's someone out there who genuinely enjoys your company and it's silly to let one negative thought rule your whole mood.

5. Remember That No Matter What This Is Temporary

You may not know anyone in the new atmosphere that is your college campus but remember it’s your home for four whole years. Maybe you had a bad breakup or falling out recently, it's okay the pain will heal. You may feel inadequate, lonely, nervous, or even scared. Trust me, it is perfectly okay. Everything you have experienced and will experience is all a part of life and great moments that allow for self-growth. Nothing ends or is solved overnight but establishing and depending on your support system and remembering that there is a purpose for everything is important for helping you deal with it all. Always take a moment to breathe and steal all the moments of happiness you can.


Life's crazy and stressful and super busy, but between it, all everything comes back to you. You are a pivotal and extremely important part of all that you do and you won’t be able to truly enjoy all the wonderful things you’ll be getting into if you aren’t happy with yourself. Use these five small tools to be the best you and live a life you can love.