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Although people make it seem like it’s simple, loving yourself is f*cking hard to do. In society today, it is all too easy to compare yourself to people who look like they’re living “the best life”. Social media specializes in showing you just how better off other people appear to be. Celebrities flaunt their perfected-by-personal-trainer abs that you wish you had. Peers parade their new on-trend outfits that you know you couldn’t’t afford without selling your right arm. One picture after the other of seemingly flawless beings doing “better” than you. Naturally, seeing these types of photo ignites a new feeling of imperfection. You suddenly feel the new clothes you bought aren’t cool enough, and you refuse yourself the chocolate croissant because not having it makes you ONE step closer to having a six pack. But to what cost? The new year should not represent a new you, but rather a better you; a you that loves your own life – not the fake life created by social media stars. So, here are some tips for practicing self love and realizing just how wonderful you are!

1.  Alone time doesn’t mean you’re lonely!

Friends are awesome. They make you smile, they make you laugh, they actually light up your life. All of this being said, they shouldn’t be the ONLY thing that makes your heart feel complete. Learn to be happy on your own. Spend a day with no one but yourself, and be okay with it. Run errands, go on a walk, or watch Netflix all day. No matter what you do, finding comfort in yourself sparks a sense of independence that is crucial and rewarding.

2.  Eat food that makes you feel good!

Do you want a salad? Awesome. Do you want chocolate cake? That’s cool too. It’s all about balance. Anything to the extreme could lead to unhealthy habits. It’s important to be good to your body and fill it with water, greens, and proteins, but sometimes it just needs wine and cupcakes…there is nothing wrong with that!

3.  Stop procrastinating!

GET. STUFF. DONE. There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment. Regardless if it’s as small as cleaning your bedroom or finally going to the gym, by getting it done you can create your own success. Feeling proud of yourself is key in finding love for yourself.

4. Get creative!

Pinterest is love. Finding a DIY project to invest your time in and get your creative juices definitely gets the heart feeling happy. Make a new furniture piece, paint a picture, cook a fancy recipe, the options are endless. When your craft is done, not only do you get to feel proud of yourself for doing it, but you get to enjoy it too!

5.  Know your worth!

Stop depending on the lives of others to decide how well you’re doing. If you want a change in your life, make a change in your life. But you made it this far, and that’s pretty awesome.


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