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How to Fight Against Homesickness

It’s around that time of the school year where most of us are drowning in schoolwork. Balancing tests, projects, and social activities are all part of the college experience, but homesickness soon starts to become a bigger issue.

The important thing is to not let it consume you. Of course, it is okay to miss home. College is a big change from high school and a lot of us are living in a completely different city all on our own. At first, the thrill of taking charge of your life suppresses the pain of missing home. It’s when you fully adjust and have a routine when homesickness starts to set in. Lately, I have wanted nothing more than to sleep in my own bed and get a hug from my mom when I get up in the morning. The homesickness consumed a lot of my energy and focus and caused me to struggle in my classes more. While I am not fully over it, I have found a couple of ways to help with the want to be home.

First, telling close friends about what you are feeling really helps. They know what you’re feeling as you both are in the same situation. Even go to the college counselors to help. No one wants to see you hurting or sad. Another thing to do is to get out of the dorm. Sitting around being miserable does nothing to fix the situation. I often take a little time out of the day to walk and listen to music. Go see what is happening around campus, and maybe meet up with a group of friends to get lunch. Finally, try changing your routine. The best thing to do sometimes is to change things up to keep out on your toes. Join a new club, go to a new restaurant, and more. College towns usually have plenty to do. You just have to go out and find it.

Like I said before, it’s okay to miss home. Everyone does at one point or another. Just don’t let it consume your every thought. Appreciate the new environment you’re in and the opportunities it has to offer. Home will be waiting to hear all the new stories of your college experiences.

Katherine Jordan is a student at the College of Charleston. Her interests include music, writing, history, and more. She has grown up in several different places and can tell a lot of random facts from basic health to Disney to world history.
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