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What even is empowerment? This word is used so often in our world, but how much of it do we really understand? To me, it’s more than just confidence. Empowerment is the strength to take life into your own hands and make it your own. Women empowerment, specifically, has been on the rise in society in the recent years, as we’ve not only encouraged ourselves, but also have encouraged others another to raise the bar and exceed all expectations. The most beautiful thing about empowerment is that it doesn’t always take the form of an incredible social movement. Empowerment starts in yourself. By granting yourself the belief that you can succeed, you actually gain the power to succeed. While talking about empowerment, it is much easier said than done to be confident. Like most things, confidence takes practice. Here are some little things to do everyday that make you feel just that much more empowered :

– Take control of your health — mental and physical!

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not the easiest thing to do. This makes being in control of it that much more satisfying. Whether you decide to eat healthier meals packed with veggies and proteins, or you set a goal of exercising a certain amount of days per week, small steps like this have the ability to totally transform your self-confidence and make you feel completely in control.

– Grab a good read!

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Reading can be considered an art. There is something so magical about putting words on a page together, creating and interpreting different ideas and thoughts. As simple of a concept it sounds, reading is good for the soul. Regardless of if it’s a fashion magazine, a book or a newspaper, investing time into someone else’s words and interpreting them for yourself is a tool that manifests confidence in itself. Also, it gives you the opportunity to learn about what may be going on in other parts of the world, or how to do tasks, or the lives of other individuals. With reading, the opportunities for personal growth are endless.

– Find a hobby , or three!

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With as much obligations that today’s world requires, it is hard to find a quiet minute in the day when you can do something that you can just enjoy. Managing your schedule to where you can make the time to invest in yourself can lead to an incredible difference in your attitude and your self-confidence. Cooking, photography, yoga, painting – the options are endless! It is often suggested that a person should have three hobbies. One to make money, one to be creative, and one to stay in shape. With these activities in the mix of the rest of the day’s demands, you can feel relaxed and at ease as you continue to seize the day to your best ability!

– Find a passion!

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With all the demands and responsibilities that people are faced with today, we often give ourselves little time to explore. The world is so big, and there are so many possibilities for new experiences. New friends, new skills, and a new life style are all available to find at any moment. It is crucial to try new things and to find something that you genuinely love. When you have a passion, you’re never bored and your mind is constantly flowing. Passion in something that changes the world and inspires others. Having knowledge about something gives you confidence, and with confidence, anything is possible!


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